Monday, July 17, 2006

Quick bloggie.

Yesterday I did the Toronto Waterfront Triathlon (750/30/7.5). I did this last year and thought how I could compare after a year. That was also my first tri. That's how I got sucked into this tri craziness.

I thought my time (1:57) was much better but I only beat my previous time by SIX seconds (WOW in the most sarcastic way). My bike pace was faster (33 kph) . Run pace stays the same. I ran 4:33 min/km. I would take that. T1/T2 was faster (under 2 min instead of over 2 min).

My swim.... they clocked me swimming 2:53/100 m. 20 min for 750 m?!? If my speed was that slow, I might as well doggy paddle. I suspect they added my time wrong. Even my cousin guessed my time was 1:45-1:50.

The race this year is in Time Trial format. So no mass start. Everyone line up and jumps into the lake 10 second apart. Anyways..I don't wanna go into a rant and time ain't my focus for that race :).. a PR is a PR.

I did this race mainly b/c my cousin and my aunt came to watch me. We went for brunch buffet afterwards. It was great. I ate so much junk. Bacon, chocolate cake, bunch fo sweets stuff...oh too good.

I push 85-90% in that race. It was fun to go hard without worry about HRM or hydration. Will suggested next time I rack my bike in the Ladies 25-29 to get hook up. :)

Last week, I was very relax. Socialize a lot. Ate a lot of junk food. I swam a lot. This week I would spend more time at home taking care of some personal issues. I wanna get those out of the way once I get back into training. My next race is Sept 3rd (Half Ironman Ottawa).

For that race, my training schedule is as follows:

- Rest week (this week)
- Base week
- Build 1 week (Run focus)
- Build 2 week (Swim focus) [Note: I put the swim in the middle to give my legs some rest instead of stacking bike and run week side by side.]
- Build 3 week (Bike focus)
- taper two weeks and RACE!!

This race, I am going to push a bit more than last race.

The season is almost over. So race and train while u can.

Lake Placid is coming up. So far, I only know Eric is doing it. Good luck to him. I can't wait to do it next year.


William said...

Sounds like a good race and a nice plan.

Good luck signing up!

Trifrog said...

Something is definitely wrong with those swim splits to have it be that much off from previous results. Do you wear a stopwatch during the race - next time take your own split out of the water for comparison to official results.

Steven said...

20 mins for 750? Someone messed up your time, Cliff.

As for IMLP sign up - you better be very quick about it! It filled up in NO time last year and it will fill up faster this year.

Good luck!

Chris said...

A PR is a PR. Take it and don't look back! :)