Friday, June 09, 2006

It feels like your life’s crashing down all around you,
Let me ask if it’s really so bad.
Look at the world in it’s suffering,
Can you honestly tell me that no one else could understand
All of the hurting inside?
Why can't you see that freedom
is sometimes simply another perspective away
Who could you be if your lens was changed for a moment
would you still be the same.

This is a song from Kutless, a Christian Rock band. When I found a song I like, I play it over and over again. I love this song. I am sure my co-worker is sick of this song when she carpooled with me.

Two weekends ago, one of our family's friend had diagnosed with cancer. Yesterday I asked my dad how is he doing. It turned out his wife passed away recently. Thinking about him and the pain that he is going through, it put my perspective in place. Job, training....really doesn't matter compare to just being healthy. We pray for him in my fellowship last night.

This morning I did a long run. Not as long as I want to. I broke the run down into the following:

5' WU
15' Low Intensity (HR 155-159)
40' Med Intensity (HR 160-169)
15' High Intensity (HR 170-180)
5' CD

The first hour (right before high intensity), I ran 11.74 km (5:07 min/km). I really enjoy running in the med intensity. Just enough that I feel like I am working. I am running too hard for a long run. I am spending too much time around the LT threshold (HR 175). On Monday I will do another LT test to dial in my HR numbers. Running fast is good. But not for long runs.

Will hit the pool tonight after work then go to bed early. Tomorrow long ride with Darren. Need to rest those quads.

Yesterday I did not swim b/c I got to the beach late. My partner ain't there and I realized I left my towel and my contact at home. I spent the time reading the Book of Job, praying and just thinking about life.


Trisaratops said...

Very true...funny how hearing something like that makes hard training sessions seem a LOT easier.

Rachel said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend. It does put things in perspective. In response to your question about putting on tires without tire levers, I think it depends on the tires. I used to have tires with very stiff edges, which were impossible to get on and off. I bought tires that are very flexible (they came folded up in a box instead of already in wheel-shape, hanging on the wall). They were so much easier to get on and off. Hope that helps.

Donald said...

All of this training and racing is really insignificant when compared to things that really matter. God for you to have that perspective.

Prayers for your friend.

Anonymous said...

So true Cliff. It is important to keep things in perspective. I am often so wrapped up in my selfish ways that I forget how much worse off others have it and the pain and suffering that is dealt with on a daily basis by those who are battling diseases like cancer. I will put your friend in my prayers. Thanks for the reminder.

qcmier said...

Sorry to hear about your friend.

Sounds like you had a good day at the beach yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Confronting the loss of a friend does tend to reallign your priorities. You come to understand what's really important in life and what a gift it all is.

Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

Cliff, sorry to hear about the family friend and his wife. I never realized until this past weekend just how many peoples lives are affected by cancer. I couldn't agree more that all to often we forget what is important and it somehow seems sad that it take a tragedy to make us realize we need to cherish those we love and live life for today, not tomorrow.

Hilda said...

Life is the greatest gift, let's enjoy it as its best training, who says this couldn't be our last chance??

Mike said...

Ditto everyone's thoughts about perspective and how we are all blessed to do what we do.

*every breath is a gift*

We need to keep that in mind.
Thanks for the reminder Cliff!