Friday, June 23, 2006

Getting back into the game

After Muskoka Long Course last Sun, I took Mon and Tues off. Well Mon, did a short relaxing swim. Tues did nothing. My plan for 1/2 Peterborough is to have one focus training week.

Here is the plan:

- July 21 - 27 - focus training (looking at around 20 hrs) [7 days]
- June 29th - July 8th - taper [10 days]
- July 9th - race

To be honest, I still feel like taking a break. This morning, I did not want to get up and do a hill run. There are a lot of excuses. I got home late last night. Hill run won't really help build my aerobic base. I got a long ride on Sat, need rest. Blah blah blah. I decide to just go. The feeling of bailing out a training is worst than doing it. I slept in my running gears :D. Got up, ate some rasisins, drink some water and head out.

Legs didn't enjoyed it. My hill run consisted of 5 hill repeats. First repeat, warm up, legs were complaining. Second hill, the same. The third, better. The fourth, time to push it a bit, good. The last one, focus on good form, HR at 180, oh too high. But finish strong. Tonight after work, open water swim with coach.

I love focus training week. All the life's side problems are out the door and out of mind. I just focus on the essentials. Training, work, family, Church.

Sat - 4 hr bike + 1 hr run (sweet) then go watch my friends do dragonboat
Sun - 3 hr bike, swim 2 km, 1 hr recovery run (before and after Church)

Have a great weekend everyone....


Iron Pol said...

Cliff, I wasn't married until I was nearly 30. Toddler Pol was born 3 weeks prior to my 35 birthday. So, if you use me as a model, you have a few years to get accustomed to the idea of getting woken up.

While challenging, it doesn't really get to me too much. If my kids need help, my sleep is secondary.

And the discipline of triathlon actually helps.

Anonymous said...

crap dude, I thought my training was hard, 4hr ride followed by run on Sat and 3hr ride followed by swim and run on Sun, dang, I really need to catch up, starting to feel like I"m just a tad behind in my training.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Good luck on the taper, I find that it's usually hard getting going again after a long taper like that.

TriBoomer a.k.a. Brian said...

Stick to your schedule, Cliff. You'll feel really good knowing you made it through without a miss.

Stay tuned...

Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

Heh, we're both racing on July 9th. I'm doing a half here in Calgary that day.

Good luck with your event.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your comments and prayers. And yes, I have noticed HK is very superficial just after the very first few days in HK. I feel as though everything is fashion over function. I was hoping to buy a pair of Asics runners here but they don't carry this brand here. They've got the usual Nike, Adidas, Reebok, and New Balance. But a lot of the shoes I see cry out "wear me" cause it looks hip than "run in me".
Anyway, thanks again!