Tuesday, June 27, 2006

"The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of 60 minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he be"

C S Lewis

What are you doing?...Who will you be?

I will give a more detail post of my training after tomorrow. Body starting to ache now. Mentally, emotionally and spiritually all fired up I don't think I hit 24 hr (must be the male ego pride thing to post that up). I did in this week, swim 4 times, bike 3 times and run 4 times. I believe I am getting my running legs back. I ran this morning and felt great (no injuries). I have a 2 km swim tonight. I will push it to 2.5 km. Work on drills. And then, taper time.

Yesterday's open water swim, the water was 63*F and I can't stop myself from shivering. We had to swim a 300 m loop within two set of buoys and I whined a lot. My arms were tired (worked out yesterday morning) and I was cold (what a wuss).

We ended the swim with a 25 m swim to the shore and dash to the beach. I can't stop laughing at the end. The reason is I was going anaerobic before I even hit the shore. I just let it all out. If I had done that in Ironman, oh it would be a long day as I would be hitting the wall very soon.

I am the guy on the left. As you can see, I am far far away from the guy on the right. We both started together. Yes, I am swimming rightwards. Still need to work on that.


Sarah Lukas said...

That's awesome you're feeling so good. Stay strong, stay healthy, stay smart, and you will stay injury free.

Chris said...

That's some cold water that they have up north. And it's already July! At least you have a wetsuit! There were a couple folks in the past couple races that we had here in temperatures in the low 60s with no wetsuits! I can't imagine.

Robin said...

Cool swim pictures, Cliff!

Fe-lady said...

Looks cold...try earplugs (Macks) and a neoprene cap and I bet you will feel much warmer in 63* water!

Trisaratops said...

Cool pics!! Good for you for getting yourself a treat! :)

TriZilla said...

Good luck with your coach search, cliff! That wsounds like a great idea.

Great pics!