Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I made a big mistake. I didn't realize for HIM you are supposed to taper for at least two weeks. Oops. This is why you (I mean I) need a coach. A friend asked me the other day about getting a coach and how much I can afford. For now, if I get a tri coach, I need to stop seeing my swim coach (there ain't enough money to go around). Looking to change a job and increase my cashflow. But by fall, I do need a tri coach with a new job or not. Ironman ain't the type to do alone. There is still so much to learn (even though I already learnt a lot).

I just finish a 2 km swim (all with pull buoy to give my legs some rest). I had to picked up my new glasses before they close the store so I couldn't swim more. The swim was brutal. Arms were heavy and I felt them by the 7th laps (I need to do 40 laps).

I came home starving. Had dinner with family and had ice cream and chocolate. That's right. A little treat after this week's training. I receive the Pacific Elite Fitness newsletter and this is what they say....


Fitness Tip of the Week


At least once a day, cheat on your diet plan. It doesn't have to be a smorgasbord of ice cream, cotton candy, and boulders of fudge - but something to keep your healthy eating from becoming stale. For me, it's a handful of deluxe nuts, a frozen banana dipped in Hershey's, or a glass of killer red wine. It's the huge portions, day-in and day-out, that sabotage your goals, not the little nibbles here and there. Just have a little self-control.

I might change my diet b/c of that. But from now till race day. All healthy food. It is time to focus.

I am tired and a bit worn out. But I feel good. So much energy. I can't wait until Peterborough 1/2 Ironman (July 9th) when I can unleash it.

I was planning to go hard on tomorrow's bike ride. But it is time to taper...let the taper begins....


qcmier said...

I cheat, probably too much.

There are also a lot of good IM training plans available for free. You can take pieces from each plan too.

Happy Taper!!!

Habeela said...

I love the little cheating you can do in triathlon and love the fact that oreos make great training food! :)

Chris said...

I'm with qrmier. You don't *need* a coach. It does make things easier, probably, but you can learn a lot books and from folks that have done these sort of things before.

If you have a chance, I highly recommend the book "Going Long" by Friel and Byrn. I was pretty much my bible going into IM. It's still probably the book I refer to most when I start thinking about IM training and need reference material.

Anonymous said...

cliff, I don't think its hard finding a coach, I think it's hard finding a "good" coach that "clicks" with you. That's the problem I've constantly run into.

Afternoon Tea With Oranges said...

Enjoy the taper!! You are going to do great!

Is your swim coach helping? I have considered hiring one. I read the Total Immersion book, but improvement is coming very slowly.

Steven said...

I agree with Chris.
You do not HAVE to have a coach. Just read a lot, ask questions to other tri-geeks, and try things out on your own in training. If something works, keep it and use it, if it doesn't figure out why or drop it. The first IM is all about finishing...that's all it should be! IF you decide to do another then MAYBE you think about doing faster and then MAYBE you can look into getting some help with training.

Rachel said...

I totally believe in a cheat day. I like to actually cheat a little every day--I have a small sweet (chocolate usually every day). I don't think you need a coach, by the way. Everyone's body is different, which is why training is an art, in addition to a science. You are progressing very well! Great swim pics, by the way! I also love the C.S. Lewis coach. Dont' worry about the short taper. Sounds like it will be close enough. Just make sure you are chomping at the bit and well rested! I'm excited for you!

jameson said...

yeah man... take it easy... and relax.

as far as the coach goes, i reccomend it. my coach has defintely pushed me harder than i would have done on my own and I am seeing the results. but this is my 2nd coach... the first one didn't workout. So start looking now for the fall and defintely talk to quite a few.

keep it up dude.

TriBoomer a.k.a. Brian said...


Have a good taper and a great race.

I hired a tri coach and it has helped me. There's an alternative you may want to consider and this a triathlon club. Often there you'll find a certified coach that will give you pointers and may even write a schedule at the fraction of the cost of a personal coach.

Stay tuned...

Trifrog said...

'Cheating' is fine. It's not like we're out here earning our livelihood where every second counts. So wine, chips, cookies, steaks might 'cost' a few minutes off the perfectly planned diet and training plan. But what does it 'cost' you in denying a few simple pleasures.

That said, the rest of your diet must be in order so that we can effectively do what we do and not break down with fatigue, sickness, or injuries.

So enjoy that snack and move on and don't feel bad about it.

Coaches: the one's who are really knowledgeable and experienced are expensive; the one's who aren't don't know much more than an avidly informed triathlete anyway. You must decide whether the cost of anything like that is worth the gain.

Rachel said...

Hey, thanks for the comment about the socks AFTER the bike. I might try that. That might help prevent some of the blisters I got too!

Anonymous said...

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