Sunday, January 15, 2006

A watercress sorta guy

Now this is what I call a good Saturday.

Up at 8. Hit the pool by 8:30. Leave the pool at 10:15. Get home. Bike at 11:30. Protien shake at 1:30. Shower. Nap at 3:15. Up at 5:15. Shower. Change. Go read at a coffee shop at 6:00. Go to friend's hot pot at 7:00. Go have a bubble tea at 10:00. Home by midnight. Sleep at 1 am.

Nope I didn't do the two hour swimming after the bike ride as I wanted to. I figured my body needed rest and a nap is definitely in order. The bike ride is really a bored. By 1 hr 30 min, my mind is just dying on me. I believe the culprit is the fact that I am lacking carbs (a first sign when you are low on carbs = moodiness). I only had two bananas in the morning before the swim.

The hot pot was great. They were serving a lot of seafood (shrimps, squids, shell fish, fish, watercress). Believe me, I was a eating machine. After the bike ride, I didn't had too much to eat. And also I was reading up on Paleo Diet (finally got to the part about diet during recovery phase), and they recommend you to eat a lot of seafood (protien, omega 3) and loads of veges (more minerals and nutritions). So here I am eating watercress and seafood like there is no tomorrow. There were 12 of us and I am sure I out ate everyone. It's good to train :D.

I also didn't realize watercress has so much nutritions. Loads of Vit C and protien (which I need). 80 g of watercress has 4614 Lutein and Zeaxanthin. I have no idea what those are but if the name is that complicated IT MUST BE GOOD for you :). [Just like monosodium glutamate right? :D j/k]

During the dinner, we went into a few conversation about diet and training. I believe my hard training is starting to rub off. Even though most of the question ask, the people are just asking. But at least they are starting to have an interest on eating healthy. There is a guy that wants to get into triathlon...excellent :) I have infected another soul :D.

My stomach must be still digesting the food b/c I am up by 5 am. I rarely have trouble sleeping. I am feeling fine. The pool opens up at 7:30 am. I will see how I feel and might hit the morning pool. I am still having a lot of trouble swimming. I brought a HRM yesterday and found my HR was spiking at 150 when I freestyle. With the pull, my HR rest nicely at 130s. I need to relax. My legs must be kicking too hard.

Side note: I must be a klutz b/c when everyone was talking about P.F. Chang I thougth they were talking about some chinese guy. Then I google it up and realize it is a marathon in Arizona. :D (Good luck to those that is running it).


Kewl Nitrox said...

Hey Cliff, good to see you are being a positive testimony, I will make sure I load up on watercrest this Chinese New Year! ;)

Chris said...

Sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday! Maybe some hot pot is in my future. That sounds good during these cold winter days!

Joyce said...

no one has ever made salad sound positive like that! maybe i'll be hitting the grocery store as well :)

Rae said...

Sounds like a perfect Saturday to me! The food looks yummy, too!

Do you have PF Chang's restaurants? They're a pretty big Chinese style restaurant (though pretty Americanized) throughout a lot of the US. They even have some special items on the menu year round they recommend for runners (at least the ones around here do). This is the big marathon they sponser. From the looks of the 2006 results it seems like about 21,000 in the half and 10,000 in the full. Big race!

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

Watercress is cool. So says Tidbit.

qcmier said...

Love watercress. Love hot pot in the winter time too. I envy you for living where there is arguably the best Chinese food in North America.

William said...

Good training and eating Cliff.

One word of advice, eat more!

Fuel those workouts to get the most from them. Don't cheat hard work.

You're doing great!

Robin said...

Hey Cliff: I love watercress; had NO idea how healthy it is! Now, I'll eat more of it. I love Bubble tea, too! Yum....