Friday, January 13, 2006

More ramblings.

I cannot think of another title. Just looking at some of the posts this week, it has been ramblings. From one subject to the next. That's how I operate. I have setup an account from statcounter to keep track on how many people have gone to my site. Kinda counter stalking tool if you will. It keep tracks of how many people come to your site, where they come from (other sites), the geographical area they are surfing from...blah blah blah

Interesting, someone type 'i looking for something like lavalife with phone numbers' in msn search engine and my site is listed on the top ten. You can check it out by clicking here.

Someone else also type 'Rodney and flatman'.

This just reminded me of the post Susan posted yesterday.

I am looking forward to tomorrow. Saturday is the only day I have for myself. I set up my training but unlike other days I don't have to rush through them. I love it.

I plan on swimming for two hours, bike for two hours and swim again for two hours. CRAZY huh? But as most of you know, I say it and always change my plans in the last minute. I am making sure I sleep early tonight. No more late Friday night drinking anymore. I do learn from my lesson from last Saturday, get to the pool early so I can hog the lanes to myself.

I have a project I have in mind for this site. I can't say much for now. But it is cancer-awareness-survivor-shirts. There is just some kinks here and there I have to work on. I will definitely ask you guys for input. I want the shirts to have bold, blunt, in your face.

This coming Monday I am going for my anual checkup. I see my transplant doctor once a year. I want to see my blood result. It should be good considering how much I have train. My doc is a funny guy. Last time, he was checking my blood result and he was like "oh Cliff, your number is good here. You must be drinking a lot then."

I want him to give me a green light to keep training. Shouldn't be a problem b/c I have exercise and workout before and my numbers are always ok. I also going to see my family doc as well and break the news. This way, if there is any changes in my numbers, at least they know what I am doing.

Lastly, I have start messing around with my blog. If you want to be listed on my blog, please let me know.

Have a great Friday everyone. Today I received a delivery notice at work. I do believe my bike shoes have arrived. They were the specials that Flatman mentioned earlier. I do hope they fit. If not...ebay :)


Robin said...

Good luck on the results. And excited to hear you are moving forward on the tee-shirt idea! Very cool idea. Robin (disguised as a triathlete)

Sixteen Chickens said...

My wish is continued good health for you, Cliff! I hope the doctors give you all the right answers. :)

BTW, me and ebay... a match made in heaven. heh heh

Carrie said...

Oh man, I feel like I need to get those shoes to stay in the alliance. You are at least the 3rd person sporting those Time shoes. Are you sure Flatman isn't getting paid a commission?

Your shark fin comment was cool- made me smile.

TriZilla said...

I enjoy your ramblings... I've been kind of rambly (?) myself this week. Good luck at the doc! And, enjoy the shoes :)

Anonymous said...

you're a strong guy, you'll be fine! And yeah if you call that a stalker tool then I'll be a stalker too. Anyways, list my blog too =)

E-Speed said...

let me know if your shoes came with the inserts. mine didn't but I wasn't sure if they just didn't send them because I had contacted them about not having LOCK pedals...

Hilda said...

It is incredible what you are able to cancel for training. It is wonderful!!

Enjoy your new shoes!!

Unknown said...

I will pray that you have a great check-up. Good luck with the planned workouts.

it's only fuel said...

6 freaking hours of training? That is most likely the reason that I don't ever place in the top half of my age group at races....I'm not that committed! Good for you:)

Good luck at the doctor, I'm sure you'll get the green light to carry on with your craziness:D

Rae said...

Good luck at the doc!! I'm sure everything will be great.

Can't wait to see your shirt ideas!