Saturday, January 28, 2006

No limit training, anyone? The need for beer..

I don't know about you but the time when I really have a hungering for nacho cheese, finger foods, chicken wings and beer is when I am tired. Not just any tireness but tired from exercising. I really want to reward myself..but knowing my body need to rebuild continues.

There are many great news. New toys is one of them (last post). But last night, I swam 1 km!! Wooohoo. That's 20 laps. I have to thank Will for kicking my ass. Your true friends are there to kick your ass when you start going into self pity mode. I was telling Will that in the fast lane, there would be a bunch of guys that swim 1 lap and stop for 10 min. So for that 10 min, I would have the lane all to myself and I see a bunch of guys standing around at the end of the pool. Then when they swim, they will all swim faster than me. I can't wait to surprise my coach on Monday.

Today I woke up at 3 am to bike from 4 am to 7 am. You know every kid during xmas time, they will wake up early and open their presents. Well, in this case, it applies for triathletes and their toys as well. The reason I woke up so early was b/c some church friends asked me to go boarding with them. I was tempted to just sleep in and bike after I board. No freaking way. I neer woke up this early to train. It is nuts. By the way, who wakes up that early to train....runnersusan and IronWil :) (If there is a Wil, there is a way) :D

I watched Lord of War and an hour of Spiderman. Lord of War is really good. Nicholas Cage is portrayed as an arms dealer. It is very dark. Yup, not chick flick (like I watch those...except Anne of Green Gable :D).

The ride was very smooth with the aero bars. I need to re-adjust them. I will post some pics below and explain my problem with the aero bars and the aero drink system. The three hour ride, my stomach is having problem. I had a bottle of gatorade, a bottle of eload and a bottle of water. I also have 5 shots of gel. I was having stomach cramps and had to go number 2 right after the bike. I figured a) the hydration need to be play around until body get use to it b) I drink too much (explained the bloating) and c) Clear out my intestines before I hit the bike (also means I will be lighter as well? :) ).

After the bike ride, I went for snowboard from 9-5. That's nuts. Oh it is so much fun. I was craving much better than before. I am also going faster without falling. So today..I biked 3 hours and boarded 7 hours. It is a good day indeed.

So now...yeah..I am now running on my mental happiness. I know my body is exhuasted.....going to finish my dinner and head to bed.

Here are more pics of my new toys :)

Here is my aero bar set up.
Notice the right one is not the same as the left one. I have to fix that.
I also have problem fitting the aero drink on the aerobar. .
The aerobars are not close en
ough for the aero drink system.
Homer (aka. metaphor of the CMS in me) is taking a ride on the aerobar
Slurp slurp. I haven't install the drink system yet.
I will adjust it after I move the aero bar closer to each other.
This is why it is important to get a bike fit and proper bike size.
Homer's hands can't even reach the aerobars.
With the rear bottle holder setup
Another look at Homer's backup booze supply. I found them quick to access.
Now I need to learn to ride in aero position and take them in and out of the holder with ease.


Comm's said...

very nice training racked up there. a 1k swim. Hooyah thats great.

Tracy said...

GO HOMER! Cliff...why do you have a Homer doll? :)

Your set up looks awesome, and congratularions on your 1 km!!! Let us know all about how excited your coach is when you spread the good word!

Anonymous said...

great job on the swim.

homer's going to have a huge saddle sore after riding the bike like that!

Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

I love the pictures. Man I can't believe you can get up that early to train. Way to go.

Kewl Nitrox said...

Personally I find the temptation of beer highest after a day of misbehaving kids. :)

Great job on the 1km swim! Coach will be pleased I am sure.

Looks like you headed out for a ride before sorting out the bars. :) They do look too far apart. Hydrating on bike takes some experimentation - I was also drinking too much too fast when I started. Now I find even on a hot humid day, 2 bottles is plenty for a 2 hour ride.

William said...

Nice pics! The bars look great but I kind of thought you looked a plasticy and your hair is so yellow.

I knew you could do it Cliff, and now you know you can too.

Sixteen Chickens said...

After the 2nd Homer picture I started to giggle by the time I saw him on the seat I was in full out laughter! You MUST have been tired, Cliff! Glad you had such a good day!

Cliff said...

I am yellow. I am Chinese ;0

anners said...

Woo-hoo! Toys!
Great job on the swim!! No more breaststroke for you? ;)

Anonymous said...


You woke up at 3 a.m. to get on the trainer before you went snowboarding? That is Awesome! You are truly dedicated to the training.

Hilda said...

Nice partner you have there, train Homero, he needs it!!
Great effort, you are doing there three hours on the bike because is new?? Now your legs aren't new, don't forget, but if still you are able to swim... then it is happening you are becoming in the IM!!

Thomas said...

Looks like Homer is having a great time

Boris' Dad said...

i am *DELIGHTED* that you are using your homer doll to his maximum potential!!!!!

Carrie said...

I can't stand the Simpsons but I love your pictures. Very funny

Trisaratops said...

These cracked me up! Mmmmmmmm....gatorade......

it's only fuel said...

mmmmm....nacho cheese and beer....mmmmmm:) Homer is funny!

Rae said...

Ha! I bet that's the most exercise Homer ever got! Great pics. You've been exercising a TON!