Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I miss my workout :O

Not just any workout...but my KEY workout. Wed suppose to be my long run. Since I have to do my testimonial tonight at Church. The plan was to do it this morning. I have all my gears ready the night before. Woke up at 6:30 am. Oh tired. ZzzzZZ...woke up at 8:15 am from my cat puking.

Am I freaking out? For a while. Then after cleaning up the cat's mess, I realize there is nothing I can do. I am going to flip around the workout. I will do my long run tomorrow (no Fellowship). Tonight do yoga and run drills (if I can only do one, I will work on my run drills).

Tonight testimonial will be the most exciting topic, ME. Me me me me me me me. Not just me. Me, triathlon, cancer survivor.

As Wylee has mentioned, I am going to ask the hospital to send me a copy of my files. Oh this will be exciting.

On the health end, I have a slight problem swallowing. Feels like a cold is coming down. Need to take more Vit C and more rest.

Base on Chris' comment from last post. Maybe my sinking problem is the lack of fat in my hip and leg area? So solution? Fat injection? :D (how ironic that most ppl want lipo and I want the opposite)


D said...

Your story is intriguing that is for sure! How cool that the doctors use you as an example and for learning purposes!

Ugh ~ eating bugs - I'll pass. Having cockroaches fall on your and crawl all over you - I'll pass. I'll stick to watching Law and Order - you can have Fear Factor. :O

Cliff said...

Maybe someday they will have an insect diet.. :)

Eat all the live bugs u can get your hands on :D

Anonymous said...

i'm the same way. this morning I was supposed to get up and lift weights so that tonight i can do my spin class. um... did i get up? that's a big fat no. guess i'll try to work it in over lunch. crap.

also, in response to your last comment on my post... i don't think it would be wise for you to ride your trainer naked. that's just asking for trouble!

TriZilla said...

Good for you for not freaking out. Chances are that you needed the rest, and flipping your schedule will make it fresher for the week. I do that every now and then (doing it this week, in fact).

I'll think about you tonight. Testimonials are very cool, and I think it's great that you are willing to share yourself like that!

Joyce said...

i love that shot of homer... it was my msn display pic for awhile.

good luck with the testimony! yours would be one to hear for sure

Fe-lady said...

See, you needed the sleep-if you are coming down with something, your body told you to not wake up and rest instead!
That's great about your latest news from your Doctors! You are an inspiration!

Trisaratops said...

Rest up and drink lots of H2O! Have fun tonight, too!

William said...

Good luck with the testimony Cliff.

McDonalds a day helps the legs float away!

Mike said...

Missing one long run isn't going to kill you, just don't miss 2 in a row.

Or you could fake a physio appointment, and do the long run tomorrow morning when you are supposed to be at work. Runners and triathletes always have physio appointments, nobody will suspect a thing.

Lucky number 7 said...

Good luck with the testimonial!! Hope you feel better!! I would love to send you some of my fat on my legs and hips!! That is the only place I can't get rid of it!!

Hilda said...

Listen to that testimonial would have been interesting.
I hope you was ok after waking up late, because it changes your whole day.

Robin said... fat injections!!!!!


Robin said...

LOVE the Bart Simpson photo!!!!

Kewl Nitrox said...

Think of it as sacrificing your workout for the sake of giving your testimony - Good on ya!

Hey, maybe you shld share your testimony online. :)

anners said...

Fat injections??? You suck :P

WildWill said...

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PuddyRat said...

Hey! I've got plenty of fat I could loan you. I have NO PROBLEM with buoyancy. I do not sink. However, even with the all the extra fat in my hips and buttocks, if I don't do that press the chest into the water thing, my legs will drag.

Hope you had a geat day. As mentioned, one missed workout, even a key one, isn't a disaster.

Rae said...

Hope you're feeling better! A lot of colds have been circling around here.