Monday, January 30, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year

It was suppose to be yesterday. So I guess this will be belated Happy Chinese New Year. Oh the office is busy. I have to fix a computer that won't connect to the Window's network (can see it when I ping it). I have to submit an government internship application by 5 pm. And yes, there is still time to blog.

My family had an enjoyable late lunch yesterday. My sis made korean grill food. Have a pic but is at home. Last night I went to my friend's jazz performance. It was very good. I miss going to music concert ever since I discovered triathlon. This year I promise myself I will go to a few more shows.

I was listening to Get Your Geek On (GYGO) by Kahuna and IronWil. They are great. Lots of laughs and tips for training. Good job guys...They must have spent a whole wack of time on getting it to work right. And they have a job, family and TRAIN at the same time :).....time management Gods...

I have enough sleep for the past two days. This is good. All the soreness gained from snowboarding are gone.

I am looking forward for tonight to see my swim coach.

I believe my weekly hours (including weight lifting, yoga and stretching) is about 11 hours or so. I need to bump it up to 14. The focus is don't miss any yoga or stretching sessions. Need to make that hip flexible. Yesterday I did my running drills. I am tempting to slowly increase the duration from 30 min to 60 min. I am now able to run 90 rpm without bursting my HR to anaerobic. I figure, I can now slowly starting to get a second long run (medium run for now) in. What this means is that my weekly training involves 2 run drills, 1 long run will change into 1 long run (develop aerobic), 1 med run (develop aerobic/skills) and 1 run drill (develop skills).
I am looking if I can apply for biking as well. Those one leg drills are exhuasting but very worthwhile.

On the health front, there hasn't any news from my transplant doctor. I will leave another msg and get them to respond. A bit concren but overall I am healthy, fit, feeling good and eating well.

That's about it....have a great day....


E-Speed said...

whoa you had a busy weekend! good job on all your training!

the homer pics rock!

TriZilla said...

Happy New Year! :)

11 hours is awesome!

William said...

Hey Cliff, good job on the high volume and a Hppy New Year!

Good luck with that PC, join the domain using the admin account from the server, not a local account.

Born To Endure said...

Happy New Years to you!!

psbowe said...

Nice music there and I luv going to concerts like that too!
Hopefully they call you back with good news!

Hilda said...

Aren't you already training 14??
If only on the bike you spent 3 hours... strange.
Manage time to enjoy more life nice!!

Trisaratops said...

Holy high volume! I'm impressed! Hope you had a great swim with your coach, and Happy New Year! :)

qcmier said...

Happy new year

Happiness, prosperity, and good health to you!!!

Chris said...

Happy (Chinese) New Year! :)

Anonymous said...


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