Friday, January 20, 2006

Blue Box blues
Why in the world would anyone steal blue boxes. In fact why would they steal it again? I woke up this morning and my mom told me someone stole our blue box and our gray box (for paper recycables). I figure it must have blow across the street or something. Strange, it wasn't windy yesterday.

So I went out and look around our neighbourhood. No stranded Blue box or Grey box Strange. I doubt someone would steal them. Or steal from our house twice.

Last night did a long run. I was really pushing down my HR. I was running between 138-150. I pretty much force myself down by 10 heart beats. The highest I went was 151. That was when I am going up a hill. Average was around 142-144. It was great. It felt like those 3 hr runs I did when I was training for a marathon. I am sure I am going slow but the key is to work on the aerobic base.

Last summer my right knee was giving me problems. Last night, my left knee was the first to whine. I think it is about time I get new shoes.

This coming Sat, I am going to a friend's b-day banquet. He has invited over 100 people. Can you imagine that? Last time I checked, he has about 70 confirm coming. Woah. Mr Popular. I guess I am introverted. B/c my last b-day i invited about 20 people and it was more stressful than a good time. This b-day will be simple. A 200 km bike ride. Sweet. :D I can invite everyone I know..but I doubt (and hope) no one will come.

Oh, thanks to Flat's deal on Performance Bike, I got the following for my bikey:

Profile Design Aerolite Aero Bar
Profile-design Aerodrink Bracket
Profile-Designs® Aerodrink
Cat Eye Aero Bar Mount
Profile Aqua Rack

Looking forward for these new toys :)

Oh yeah. The advance bike class is full already. Nuts.


Nancy Toby said...

Ooh, I forgot that I need a profile bottle too! I'm too clumsy pulling out the bottles from behind the bike seat!

Tracy said...

I love my profile bottle, make sure the sponge stays way down or it'll splash out on ya!

:) said...

I need an aerodrink bottle!!!!!!!

William said...

Bike class????

Hey,I'd love to hear your comments on the profile bars.

Have fun at the party!

Chris said...

New shoes and new bike toys! You can't complain about that! :)

TriZilla said...

Great Run, Cliff, and those goodies look like fun :)

Mike said...

Looking at all your new toys is making me want to dust off my bike.

Hilda said...

I hope the knee doesn't give you further problems, enjoy the party!!
It is always motivating to have new toys!!!

Robin said...

Oh my gosh, Cliff. I saw the pictures with all the bins. I was reading your story and then you switched to your long run. I was expecting to read how you turned the corner and you saw all of the blue bins piled up b/c someone in the neighborhood was hoarding them!!! haha! I do know what you mean though, someone took my blue bin, too. I need to go get another one, but they don;t make it easy for you to do so (city office pick-up during buisness nobody works...) Anyway, your new gear looks really cool. Enjoy it.

Sixteen Chickens said...

So you traded your blue bin for new bike gadgets huh? Ooooh your Mom is gonna be mad! ;)

Rae said...

Maybe someone really needs to recyle some stuff?? Strange.

Great job on the run, have fun at the party!

Anonymous said...

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