Monday, January 16, 2006

Annual check up and swimming...

Today was a good day. The doctor went over my numbers and they are good. As usual I was in and out in 15 min and under. I thank God for that.

I am a bit tired right now but I want to write a blurb before I head to bed. While the doc was away from the computer, I scanned over it and grabbed as much info about myself as I can.

I found out that my cancer was Hepatoma. I had the operation back in April 12, 1991. Which means, I had the operation at 11-yr-old and it has been almost 15 years. Wow.

My doc, Dr Lilly is using more of me as an example to other docs. There was another doc there and Dr Lilly was explaining to him how come I have to do blood work after two hours and how my case is like and what not. The other doc is actually learning about my case and from the way they talk Dr Lilly must have use me a few times in teaching other docs about transplant patients. I listen to what they were talking about. It was very interesting. I am taking immunesuppression drugs (cyclosporine), the blood work is closely to monitor that.

I am a bit surprise my case is this rare. To be honest, I have not been a model patient. I have frequently miss taking cyclosporine. This is a very bad to my liver as my body will see it as a foriegn host and tries to attack it. I also use to miss blood work so on my file there are gaps of data missing. This is something I definitely going to change this year. Bad health = no training.

I was a Hepatitis B Carrier. This is very common in asia. After the operation, I am negative on Hep B. This is good news. I ask is that common and they said no. They don't know how come the Hep B disappeared but it just does for me.

I talked to them about my training for Ironman and tell them to keep tabs on me. I want to learn more about my blood results. This will be useful in training.

It wasn't too bad. I always enjoy going to the hospital. I know I go there to get well. If I want to die, I can just stay home.

Looking at Will's blog and him mentioning that he can swim. Tonight I told myself it is time to stop holding myself back and start crawling. Struggle or not, I am going to do it. I did 8 laps today non-stop. That's 400 m. I was struggling at the end. It was great. I was going slow but at least I didn't stop and mope about how I can't swim.

I am going to see my swim coach for a consultation. On the pull buoy, I swim with ease. When I am in the water, I start to tense up. I don't know if this is partial mental block or just I can't kick. One new drill I can start working on is one lap pull and one lap swim.

Sleep now. Tomorrow morning more swimming...or struggling.. :)


Bolder said...

that's great news from the doc Cliff... and great news from the pool...

that's what i like, great news!

take care, bold.

Robin said...

Very glad to hear the good results from the doctor!

The swimming will come....keep it up!

Kewl Nitrox said...

Good to hear about the results, Cliff! So glad to hear that becoz of you, other docs are learning to deal with this sickness - others will benefit too!

About the swim, don't be too anxious - remember that you don't wanna be like me (swim 1.6km before realizing that I have never kickd rite).

Okolo said...

Congrats on your health.

If you do well with a pull buoy but have trouble swimming regularly it is probably because your legs sink too much.

Try to look down at the bottom of the pool more, keep your head down, that should raise your legs.

Your swim coach should have lots of drills for you to do to try to reach this result as well.

Scott said...

Very inspiring Cliff... what church you do you go to in Mississauga? I'm an Anglican but I'm struggling some with the Church and my beliefs so I don't attend services. Once upon a time it was very important to me and maybe again someday. For now, my running serves as a forum for prayer.

Trisaratops said...

good to hear things are going well!!!! you're an inspiration--it's awesome that you've come so far. and way to kick butt in the pool, too!!! :)

Sixteen Chickens said...

Great news! The best!
BTW you should be able to get a copy of your medical records by just calling the doc's office and asking for them to be sent to you. Then you don't have to sneak a look at the screen, you can read the whole thing. :)

Nancy Toby said...

Hooray for another good checkup! Keep up that swimming!

Hilda said...

So it is possible, it can dissapear and it happen to you?? Woow that is a woderful blessing.
You with all you strenght are the model for science.

TriZilla said...

Great news from the doctor, Cliff... That must be such a relief!

And the pool... Wow you're really getting there. :)

Keep up the great work!

William said...

Glad you're doung well on the cancer front Cliff. It's good news to say the least. Keep up with the blood work!!

8 laps, way to go. 400 metres is where I am at too. Hoping to break through that wall this weekend. Maybe 700m!

Keep it up!

Steven said...

That is tremendous news from the Doc. And keep at it in the pool, Cliff. You'll get there. Keep your head down, press your chest down, keep the hips up, reach far for full extension. Keep at it!

Ellie Hamilton said...

Hey. When I started front-crawl/freestyle I couldn't do more than half a dozen strokes without putting my feet down and getting my breath. One stroke at a time I got so I could do it.

And I haven't had a liver transplant.

You can do it!

Chris said...

Glad to hear the good news that you received from the doctor!

As for the pull bouy thing, try and work on your balance a little more to keep those hips and legs up. A lot of guys find that it's easier to swim with a pull bouy because we tend to carry less fat around the hip region and thus don't float as well. Some balance drills should help quite a bit.

Rae said...

I'm so glad you had great test results, that's so awesome! You're such an inspiration to us all!

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