Monday, January 02, 2006

2005 & 2006....

This weekend has been great. Despite things that need to get done, I am more relax. I took a few naps yesterday and today. The plan today was to get to the pool at 7:30 am. Hmm yeah right. I woke up late and lazy around the house. Got to the pool at around noon. There were too many people. I left early and worked out. My body is slowly getting into the habit of pumping iron.

There is so much changes going on my life that it feels like I am just going along. I look back at 2005. There is so much changes already. Me getting into endurance sports. Running a marathon. Doing my first tri. Getting baptized. Leading my Fellowship. Leading Bible study. Getting to know you tri- and runner bloggers ;).

Seeing how everyone is planning for 2006, I have plans already. They are all flowing in my head. Training schedule wise, I haven't thought too far ahead. I just got the training down to the Prep period (ends at Jan 16). There is so much to learn and get myself into. I just hammer down my perfect schedule. Looking at it right now is intense.

My weekly schedule will involve:

- 2 yoga session (1 hr each)
- 3 runs (2 X 30 min run drill, 1 X long run)
- 3 bike (2 X 30 min bike drill, 1 X long bike)
- 6 swim (5 X 50 min swim drill, 1 X 2 hr swim drill)
- 2 weight (1:30 hr each)

This is not including stretching everyday (10 min each). I need to keep everything in schedule and post it in my room so I know exactly what I am doing everday. I have a habit of doing what I feel like instead of what I need to do:

Don't worry about the time slot. I am just fitting what can be done for each day. I will test out for the next two weeks. By then, I will have a good idea of what can be done and can't be done as I enter into my Base 1 period. The goal here is consistency. For this first few months, the goal is to improve my technique. Run 90 rpm, bike 90 rpm, swim..well swim without sinking.

I have other non-tri related goals.

1) Organize my room and computer room. (this will be a hard one, but will be a definite time saver).
2) Communicate better with the boss - if he doesn't take initiative, instead of whining, I should be proactive.
3) Look for another job - one that fits into my training
4) Join a tri club - get more experience from others.
5) Hire a tri coach - Someone to critique my technique
6) Build closer relationship with the brothers and sisters in my Fellowship - also to other members in my Church as well
7) Devotion and Pray more - my spiritual life have been lacking and it is about time I get back into things
8) Slowly getting into Paleo diet - basically more fruits and veges and less grainy foods
9) Update blog layout - I know my HTML, just don't have time to update the links and design
10) Record daily workout - accountability.

I organize my life into Work, Family, Church and Training. All the goals I have listed fit nicely into each of those catergory. This helps me in identifying junk activities (time wasters). If it doesn't fit into any of those categories, it is not important. (Notice, there is no friends category....this will be a challenging one[will explain later]). I am doing what I can to compliment them into my training. If my room is more organize, I won't waste as much time finding stuff. If I get into Paleo diet, I will have a stronger and healthier body to train with.

There is so much to talk and post about. I am going to bed now. Tomorrow an early swim.

By the way, I lost at monopoly. Alana was dominating the board. She has three streets and build up hotels on each of them. What I did was I ask for immunity from other players. Eg, if i land on your street, I don't pay rent. :) That is very evil. It kept me alive but I only got one street. At the end, I brought down Alana's empire. The palyer coming up second was Pat. Since I have immunity on all his properties. As long as he become stronger, I have no worry. On the other hand, I can't win as well. Ohh I love collusion. It is too evil.

I also like to add that this new year is the only new year where I am somber. :) This is a good thing.


Chris said...

Haha! Your monopoly game sounds a lot like my games of risk that I used to play. We'd make alliances and allow "free" passage through our countries and what not to make opportunistic moves.

He who has the best real world negotiating skills wins the game of chance. :)

Boris' Dad said...

glad you had a good time*!

Born To Endure said...

Best wishes to you in 2006!! Hope you accomplish everything you set out to do!

WildWill said...

Thats some plan

Hope you achive all you look to in the coming year

Good luck

Recovering Alumni said...

Sounds like you've got a good plan going there and lots of dedication to back it up! Happy New Year! :)

TriZilla said...

I like how you did this schedule... Makes me think I should do the same. :) Great job!

Papa Tweet said...

You are going to be a bussy man this year. Glad to hear that you are searching for more structure. It's amazing what a strong minded person can accomplish. You can do it Cliff, I know you can.

Thomas said...

Best wished for 2006, and good luck on all your resolutions.

How long have you been doing Yoga for?

JGC Photography said...

Cliff you're so organised you make me look bad. I need to get better organised for 2006.

Comm's said...

very well planned.

anners said...

Good for you, Cliff. Happy new year and all the best. I'll be keeping an eye on you ;)

Steven said...

Very well thought out plan, Cliff. Looks like you have your priorities straight. Now go execute against them like I know you can!

Kewl Nitrox said...

A very well thought out and balanced plan! With the discipline that you have been showing, you will kick a__ this year! Good that you also have the goal to spend more time with the Lord, you can be sure that He will honour you for your time and lead you to even greater things!

Jennifer P said...

I was victim to the immunity rule last time I played (I didn't know there was such a rule! Cheaters! :) ). I am the world's worst Monopoly player. I am out in 3 rounds.
I think it's fantastic to see that you've blocked off so much time for your family -- I don't think anyone does that enough.

Anonymous said...

Hey I got baptized in 2005 as well. A belated congratulations.

William said...

Good luck Cliff this year. You look very organized, thats a good sign!