Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sorry guys...

To all my blogger tri, running, endurance sport craze friends:

I have been meaning to add link of your blog on my site. Ever since I have enter into off season, my normal life became an on season. Been absorbed with work, Chruch, cleaning kittys' litter box (someone gotta do it) and family.

Thanks for all your support! Very appreciated......


On a side note:
Can you say pig out? This is what I had yesterday:

- two whole wheat bagels with peanut butter (roughly 2 teaspoon per bagel [love PB!!])
- two bananas
- 1 kg of lasagna (total from lunch and dinner)
- 1 cup of green salad (no dressing, rabbit style)
- one bowl of potato, tomato soup
- O'henry bite size (ate about one and a half bar)

Total Calories: About 3200 and no exercise...


Bolder said...

Hey Cliff, thanks for dropping by my blog! My late wife was from Mississauga, and we just moved to Boulder from Oakville. Her parents still live in the Miss near Erin Mills and Burnamthorpe.

A fellow canuck! Take care, Bold!

Battman said...

You're not alone with the love of for pb. I refer to it as Batman's pate'.