Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Everything is starting to fall in place....

Do you feel like sometimes your life is like a raft in the river and you are just going along for the ride??

This week I am stepping up and getting my tri gears:
  • tonight, grab a half balaclava and spikes for shoes to run in the snow. This should be all that I need to run in the cold.
  • tonight, meeting with Swim Coach for consultation and signing up swim class for Dec
  • this Sun, going to pick up Cyclop Fluid II trainer from a friend.
  • yesterday, grabbed a pair of swim shorts. It was the last pair at Sports Chek. They are Tyr. I am taking care of these puppies. After every chlorine bath, I rinse it with water and soap and leave it over night in a tub of water. I hope I don't have to moon anyone with my transparent shorts anymore.
I have yet to finalize my training plan. I narrow down the weekly training hours and the races for 2006. I need to squeeze in workout and yoga (or some sort of stretch exercise) in my schedule. I should get this done by this weekend.

I am still on my unstructure training. I want to get back in the pool every morning before work. After tonight, the Coach would give me some drills for me to do. Also, I want to go for a jog after work. More to clear my head then keeping in shape.

Hey Winter, where are you? I am still waiting for your -21 ( that's like -6 Fahrenheight) plus wind chill plus snow storm. Hmm..yeah this is going to feed into my ego for some bragging rights..(actually I just want to train in the harshest condition possible.)

Sorry, Winter. You ain't going to do a thing to me. I am going to drag you by the balls and run like hell.....(ouch!!!)...[and yes, I am sure Winter is a male].


Spandex King said...

Winter does Suck. Funny about the shorts. My wife tossed my favorite bike shorts this summer. Said I was mooning everyone. I wondered why nobody ever drafted me on those group rides.
The King

Boris' Dad said...

wow! i don't know about this testicular imagery of winter :) hahaha

Jennifer P said...

What are your trunks made of? If they're Lycra they may only last for a few months. Rinse 'em good!

And as crappy as your weather is, you know as a smug Winnipegger (former S. Ontarian) that we don't feel that sorry for you....;O)

Anonymous said...

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