Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Counting those Calories

At work, I eat 9 to 5 non stop. I am always hungry and stomach is always growling. Yesterday I stuffed myself up. It felt good. I was curious as to the amount of calories I am taking in. So let's count the calories from yesterday (approximate numbers taken from

2 glasses of chocolate milk (416 calories)
2 bananas (210 calories)

1 1/4 cup of white rice (212 calories)
1 cup of chinese cabbage (20 calories)
100 g? cup of beef (221 calories)
1/2 cup of tomato sauce (39 calories)

Afternoon snack (stomach was growling by now)
2 whole wheat bagel (562 calories)
4 teaspoon of peanut butter (376 calories)
2 glasses of chocolate milk (416 calories)

1 cup of tomato soup (85 calories)
1/4 cup of potato (33.5 calories)

Night Drink
1 cup of caffe latte (248 calories)

Total Calories = 2838

That sounds about right. As you can see I had a light breakfast and by the afternoon I was getting very hungry. My afternoon snack is more like a meal. Four glasses of chocolate milk is a rariety. I only did that b/c I had nothing to eat in the office.

This is during off season too. Can you imagine what my intake will be like on my on season? Note to self: Store lots of foods and snacks in the office during heavy training.


rhein said...

light? it would take me ALL week to chew and swallow all that;).

Mike said...

2800 calories is nothing for me either. I'm actually losing quite a bit of weight at around 2300 a day right now.

Cliff said...

What's a farmhand? Is this a texan terminology that us Canadians are not aware of.

anners said...

You ate a whole lot during the day, then had such a light dinner :P

I had St. Louis wings and fries for lunch today, so I am sure that it was at least 1500 calories just for lunch...doh :(

Sixteen Chickens said...

Oh man do I know the feeling! One day I was complaining to my family about how I am hungry every minute of every waking hour. My 13 year old growing-like-a-weed son said to me "Mom, now you know how I feel every day." Leave it to a kid to best you.

Lucky number 7 said...

A farmhand is a worker who lives on a farm and does nothing but plowing, harvesting, or *working* a farm all day. They usually work on huge farms and don't take too many breaks as to not wasted any daylight time! Therefore they eat a lot of food!!

Mia said...

Definately keep lots of foods/snacks on hand at work. My worst habit is getting myself to the point where I am hungry...not good when you're training!

BTW, thanks for stopping by my blog...looking forward to following along on yours now too :)