Thursday, November 24, 2005

Consultation (confrontation) with Swim Coach and more random thoughts...

Ok, it wasn't really a confrontation..I only say that b/c I enjoy being sarcastic..(like my last post).

The consultation with the coach was very good. I expected him to be much older. Like in his 50s, bald, muscular. What I get is a skinny dude in his 30s. Age doesn't matter, as long as he can teach a rock to swim, that's good enough for me.

We spent an hour in the pool. Here is what I learn:

- I kicked too hard and don't flutter enough. I kick too stiffly. I need to learn to use my hips to kick and then let the movement follow down my leg to my feet. What I am doing is kicking and forcing my feet to stop.
- I need to learn my core to pull. I am using my bicep and tricep too much. Coach showed me how I should roll my upper arm and use my hand to dig the water. Right now, my elbow bends first and dig the water before my hand reaches it. This way, my hand is already grabbing cleared water.

He shows me a few drills to do. I really want to hit the pool and start practicing. So maybe this rock (me) has a chance to swim....hmm an aquatic rock perhaps??

Here are some thoughts on the way back home...just going to list them before i head to bed.

- I have been thinking why am I tri'ing. If someone ask me why I train so hard, I have hard time expressing why I am doing it. Have you ever feel like what you are doing, you shouldn't be doing. Like looking at the odds, you shouldn't make it. It seems like what you are doing shouldn't be. Yet, you are still doing it. That's how I feel about tri. I had a liver transplant, I am a cancer survivor, I had osteoproasis, I can't run 400 m, I can't swim. Yet, I am able to do a tri. That's amazing...

This is where I see God's Grace. When they talk about God's Grace, I have no idea what they are talking about. Not until I am out there wee early in the hours pounding that road.

- I have been thinking about how grateful my life is. I mean, to be healthy and to have a job and to have a home. To not worry about hunger or disease. This motivates me to tri even more. Not a lot of people have this opportunity like me. If I sit at home, it is a waste.

- I pray for God to make me compassionate. I am guilty of having a cold heart. Whenever I am in downtown and see beggars, I would just walk away and justify with 'oh well, next time for sure..i need to use my change for the subway'. I have so much and they have so little. How come I am making excuses for not giving a helping hand..

- It is so ironic that I even show signs of concern about the cost of the swimming classes and getting a Tri coach. On the way back home, I thought when I was in univeristy, I never worried about the cost and what not. I never worried about what if I don't make it or get a good return for the courses I am taking. And in university I am taking courses which I dislike. This is what I love, what I am made to do. Why is there so much worriness and concern.

- Lastly, after seeing Shelly's Anonymous post, I realize that I need to get a Tri Coach ASAP. Before I thought i should get a coach sometime next summer. I fear that the coach might change (ruin) my 2006 races and plans. What a wrong way to think like that. I need to get a Coach so I can learn from him/her what I need to do to be a better triathlete. Not in 2007 but in 2006. Instead of getting a tri bike first, I am going to stick with my roadie (Devinci Chicane). And use the money to hire a coach instead.

The one I am interested is NRG Performance Training. It is founded by Nigel Gray (he was 3rd place in IMC 2005). I am looking at the Level II Coach Program. It is headed by Fiona Whitby. I want to get a personal Coach instead of one over the internet. I need someone with a whip and crack it when I slack off (hard to do that over the net).

First I fix my teeth, then I get my Tri Coach. I have to keep things in priority..hmm..yes I did for a while thought to get a Tri Coach first :).. It is only teeth, they grow back..right? :)


Cliff said...

Yes deb, a pro ROCK :D. My knee is ok. It is not consistent. Thanks for your concern.

It was aching a bit after my 10 K race..but 15 min after i ran, the ache stops.

anners said...

Sorry Cliff, adult teeth don't grow have to pay for replacements :P

Bolder said...

you've gonna swim like da fishes. combine that with your runnin' ability... whoah!

keep it up!

Boris' Dad said...

your blog is a great testimony cliff, keep going :)

Anonymous said...

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