Monday, October 03, 2005

A quickie

Just want to add that I did a quick 6-7 km run today. Ok it wasn't quick (40 min). It was very relaxing. I think it was the smog that made me feel hard to breathe.

My HRM (M52 Polar) has this OwnIndex to determine your HR range for aerboic. I got this HRM for at least 7-8 weeks and today I finally use it to test my HR range. Yeah I know I procrastinate. Just too focus on training.

The result is that my range is 144 to 165. Sounds about right. That's about the same range I use to jog. Need more testing.

Also note. I need to relearn everything. I have to build my training from the ground up. Need to rid of the old habit and adapt new ones. Like stretching for example :).

Tomorrow I am doing a 12 km run. I want to wake up at 5 am. But realistically i will be up by 6 :). Either run run...

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