Saturday, October 22, 2005

Have you ever wondered how come there are so many Iroman pros from Canada?

Just an interesting conversation with my friend, Len, and I on msn on Friday at work. I was chatting with him while reading an Editor's prediction for Kona 2005 at Triathlete Magazine.

Cliff - "Do you realize that Canada has a large amount of pros going to IM? I guess us Canadians have nothing to do except training."

Len - "Of course, they have hungry polar bears to train with."

Cliff - "Sweet, you know what that means. That means I might have a chance to go pro too :)."

Len - "Yeah, if you train in the winter. When there are those even hungrier polar bears on the prowl."

So there you go, folks. Our theory on the origin of triathlete gods and goddesses is easily explain. I am looking forward for those hungrier polar bears this winter :).