Saturday, October 15, 2005

The day before the storm

Tomorrow is the big day. Anxious, yes. Nervous, no. Not as much as I was going into my triathlon.

I know I have done the distance. I know the route inside out. I know the turns, the hills. I know my hydration strategy.

This week has been brutal for me. At work, I am not focus at all. I am so sleepy. I don't know why. I have enough sleep. Everything is the same. There lack that drive. Something got to change. I blame it on the weather. But the weather never effect me like that before.

It doesn't matter now. In 23 hr and 30 min, I will be at the starting line. 42 km. It sure seem a lot. After reading other runner bloggers who have done Chicago Marathon last weekend, I am looking forward for tomorrow.

This morning I woke up at 7. My sister has a wedding to attend and I had to drive her. I was suppose to go but I have to get ready for my marathon. I use my teeth as an excuse.

I was feeling really tired this morning. I play a video from Peter Ried's website ( It is a preview of a movie about Ironman. Super aspiring. There were a few footages of them training in the winter. I am so going to do that this coming winter. Snow or not. I am pounding the road.

I am super pump. I still believe I haven't put 100% on the road yet. There is that competitive drive. I have yet to fully unleash it.

Going to get a haircut in 30 min. I think shorter hair will make me more aerodynamic :). Ha ha. Going to check out the ski/snow board show with Oscar and some Rye Hi friends. Pick up my race kit and have dinner with some Running Maniacs ( It will be great to sit around and talk about running and running related issues :).

After that, head to my friend's music recital. Then head over to Len's and stay over. His place is closer to the starting line than mine.

Toothless or not, I am running this.