Monday, September 19, 2005

The 'Why me' question, life as a toothless Christian triathlete
My front tooth next to a quarter

Picture: That's my front tooth (chipped) beside a quarter. The impact of the accident knock it right out of my mouth. Please wear a helmet when you bike.

I think there is certain point in life when it gets to a point you ask the Why me question. Despite being super positive, there is a part of me that do ask God, why did u let this happen to me.

Elaine has asked Pastor Nelson the question for me and his replied was "the reason why you had the bike accident is that the Satan is trying to put up a fight with you and your dedication to ministry". If that is the point of me losing a few of my teeth, I think Satan has to do better than that.

Despite what happen, I feel very calm. I know I will get a bridge and get false teeth. My training has not been hamper despite the fact that I might not run the Toronto Marathon. Yes, I will be spending a lot of money to fix my teeth. But I know that God will provide me with the funds I need to train for Ironman.

Another factor that makes me a lot less worry about my situation is a few people I know have lost their teeth as well. Maggie, from my chruch, has an accident in the softball game and she lost a few tooth. I saw her coming to church in strength and I ask myself, "if she can do it, why can't I do it". Tonight, Anners (my jogging buddy but we haven't jog a while since she is busy with her b/f [j/k]) told me she had an accident in figure skating where she landed on her face. Now she has a bridge.

More importantly, I felt closer to God. Just last night I was talking to God till I fall asleep. I can't say I am not worry. Just worry less. I pray for my tooth to heal. Despite the Doc plugged it back in in ER, the dentist told me there is a slight chance that the tooth will survive. I know God is the healer. He will take care of me.

I was watching a korean movie last night. It was about a kid with a mental disorder running a marathon. His mom see in him that he loves to run and persuade a retired professional runner to train him. It was so touching. The family undergone a lot of stress. The kid (19) ran a sub 3 hr marathon. That's amazing. He later did an Ironman and finish in 15 hr. I think that's what the simplified chinese was saying. Not too sure :). In the end, the family got together closer. I start to think about how my family is like that. I mean, triathlon brought me closer to my family.

I can't describe it. This is not just about being in shape. This is beyond losing fat and getting tone. There is so much more emotional and spiritual involve in this. It is unfortunate not everyone can see this. I can't wait to run again.

I do thankful for what happened to me. I know it sound crazy to think like that. With the accident, God just cleared out all my schedule. Now I focus on him, family, and my health. The fundamentals. :)


Stephania said...

Sorry to hear about your accident, Cliff!

I hope your spirits are UP...

:) said...

That is the perfect attitude to have after going through a trail like this. You are obviously strong!

Anonymous said...

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