Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I was just looking over my training schedule. I think I am over training myself. This would explain my struggle on Sunday doing 30 km. My body wasn't ready for it. My first week I was doing 50 km a week. This week I should be doing 83.5 km a week. That's a lot to increase in 4 weeks.

I am going to change my plan a bit. More long runs in 25 km range. Build my base level that way.
There are thoughts that how am I going to do a marathon. That's 42 km. 25 km is only 60% of that. :) I guess I have to pray for it. I figure if my base level reaches 30 km, marathon is only 12 km away. We will see.

Yesterday I spend an hour just biking around. It was very low intensity relaxing bike ride. I didn't went over any hills. Need to give my legs a rest. They are still sore now. Just not as bad as yesterday. If they are better in the afternoon I will go for a jog.

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William said...

Keep at it! Don't give up the long distances after a hard run. Keep pushing them up every a week. I do 19/23/26/29/32. Just do a slow 29 this weekend. Real slow. Do 5 minute run/1 minute walk if you have to.

Take ibuprophen before you go and maybe one on the road. Keep the energy coming in especially near the 2hour+ mark.

Just find your pace. Enjoy the long runs and don't push it. You should always be able to do the "talk test" on you long runs.

Check out my training page.