Thursday, December 31, 2009

Old man.

Text messages

Friend: We ought to head to City Hall around 10 for a decent spot in the crowd + take in some music. Call me when you 're almost downtown :) You gonna stay around for some dessert after midnight?

Me: I wanna go home n sleep :p

Friend: Old man :)

Been quiet on the blog end. Training is fairly steady given the holidays of friends and family visiting. Slept a lot.

Eying on a pair of snowshoes. Really in need of an adventure. Of all I look forward to, it is to be out in the woods.

Too bad I can't go to Australia and backpack again...(like I did in Sept).. or can I? :)

Hope everyone have a great new year. I am looking forward for the morning swim first day in 2010!

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ShirleyPerly said...

Best wishes to you in 2010 too, Cliff. Look forward to hearing what you have up your sleeve ;-)