Thursday, December 13, 2007

Quick Update

Christmas time, the holidays, schedule is busy. Busy in preparation and busy in training.

I have been ramping my running. Looking last week's training (3 runs + 1 ride, a total of 4 hours), it doesn't look like I am training.

This week, I am running everyday. The exception was Tues when I played squash. Boy, I am out of shape. My glutes were killing me the next day. Despite that I still go for a run. I am surprise at how well my body is at handling the run. Legs were tired yet they keep going.

Normally, I get hungry 40 min into the run. And my house is running out of food. I have no raisins or dried cranberries (cheap alternatives to gel). I forge on what food is available. The only thing that is left are cheese wheels :0). One of them contains 70 calories. Two will get me through the run. Now all I need is some wine in my camelpack :D.

This Sat will be a great day....morning, I am hitting up the trails with Darren. From where we are meeting, the trail is flatter and it looks like we are going to jog more than hike. Then afternoon, I will be fitting my Dual at Endurosports and bringing it back home :). To top it off, there is a Scoorge performance I will be attending that night.

Tomorrow I also have a Christmas party to go to. The season is coming around the corner and my training is slowly going back up. All's well.

I thought about the next season and more specifically, how am I going to train...I am not reading what type of schedule I need (bike x hr for x zone etc.) These recipes are online and widely available.

Here are some interest blog posts and articles you might find it interesting:

i) The Triathlon Book - a blog from a number of tri coaches. One of them is Joel Filliol, a Senior Coach at Triathlon Canada’s National Triathlon Centre .

Here are a few good posts:
- What it takes (Part I and II) <- a quote I learnt from these posts “An overnight success usually takes 10 years”

ii) Training Talk from Chuckie V

I don't want to sound too technical and analytical. At the end, as Gordo say..JFT (just freaking train)!


jameson said...

it sounds like you have a killer weekend on tap. have a good holiday....

Brent Buckner said...


Exciting to have your Dual fit!

ShirleyPerly said...

After training for an IM, I remember thinking that all of my workouts seemed so short. Just perspective, I think.

Have a great weekend!

Tri-Dummy said...

Congrats on the bike, brother!

brendaj said...

I've never thought of eating cheese on a run (although I do love cheese). That's quite resourceful of you! And the bike looks great!