Monday, December 03, 2007

Looking backward and moving foward

Today I did not want to run. The wind was just hounding out there. After work, I sat in the house. Nice and comfy. I thought for a moment. Might as well go for a run. I plan to run 30 min. Get it out and get it done.

If it was slushy yesterday, today it was icy. The weather dropped and I had to jump around the sidewalk to make sure I don't slip on ice. Thirty minute goes by just like that.

I was reading over Gordo's blog today and he goes over a set of questions every year as a review. I thought I go over them.

***What worked this year?

My goal this year was completing my first Ironman. My training, despite its ups and downs took me there. I trained within my zones and my hydration/nutrition strategy worked splendidly strategy. To have parents and sister to be part of the support team.

***What changes might enable things to work even better next year?

Learning to say no. And give myself more space to myself (training, resting, spending time with love ones etc).

***What held me back this year?

I have a tendency to stick with my own training style (tunnel vision). There is still a lot to learn and I have to be open to changing the way I train. This also applies to my personal life and career as well. I need to focus on things that is high impact and brings value. Let the little things sort itself out.

***What changes are required for continued personal growth?

Working/training with people who are more experience. Being open mind and continue to urge myself to see from and act from different perspective. Slow down to make a decision. Once the decision is made, act promptly.

***Did I give my previous plan every chance to succeed?

Yes, but not in the way I planned. My Ironman was in July. From Jan till Feb, I had a number of personal and fellowship issues. In March, I went to Hong Kong for my Grandma's funeral. Three weeks prior to Ironman, I got a minor shoulder tear and couldn't rotate my right arm (thjs could be avoided...don't mtb :D).

Perhaps the question was, what I could have done to so these events would not be a hindrance to my training?

***What do I enjoy doing?

I can still remember previous season there was one day I was out on my bike. It was scorching. The heat was coming up from the pavement. I was just cranking on my bike. And I continued to crank. I was hoping the wind would cool me off. It was blowing hot air. I was amazed at how my body could adapt to such environment.

The lazy Sat. Get up at 9 or so. Slowly getting ready to ride. Ride for 4-5 hrs. Then come home, change, eat, nap. No heavy schedule or timetable. Nice and easy.

So what's my plan for 2008?

Speaking with Darren, my limiter is still the run. My swim is not great. However, spending time to improve on the run will yield more return than swimming.

I swim 2:00 / 100m. For me to get down to 1:45/100m, that will take a lot of time in the pool. For a half Ironman, that will equate me of saving 5 min.

I can use the same amount of time to work on running and building my leg strength. My best HIM run is 1:49. The course is flat and I had to walk a number of times. What if I can run the whole way? Trim it down to 1:39 (10 min)?

If we go to the longer distance, Ironman, the run is where we can gain the most or lose the most time on. It takes years to become a good runner.

This goes in hand with me wanting to see how fast I can a solo marathon....

Other things I am considering are:

- consistent training (continue to build base)
- address my limiters (inflexibility, running)
- healthy lifestyle (diet, time management, rest)
- continue to build strong relationships

Time to go to bed. Surprise how fatigued my legs are after just 30 min of running :)

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ShirleyPerly said...

Good self-analysis of your year. If you like it hot, come on down to FL or better yet Hawaii (more hills and wind) during the summer.

Good luck with your running!!