Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hockley Hike

Just want to do a quick post before heading to bed. I went on a 3.5 hr hike/run with Darren on Sat. He took me along a trail about 23 k. We walked up and down the hills. On the flats we ran.

I haven't gone hiking for a long time. Nothing like this. It reminded me when I was in Hong Kong earlier this year in the mountains. The weather was fairly chilly. But once we got the blood flowing, I was getting hot.

For 3.5 hr we walked and talked. What do we talk about? Triathlon, of course. We chat about the Ironman, training methodologies, our next season races.

Darren is a three time Ironman-er. So there was a lot of experience and lessons I can learn from. Here is a few I am keeping in mind:

i) Run light.

When Darren run, he run light. I mashed down like a giant stumping around. Thump thump thump...

ii) Consistent drops is better than one big splash.

It is better to train bit by bit everyday rather than one big block.

For example: he will rather do two 1.5 hr long runs than one 3 hr long run. The three hour long run requires much more recovery and add the risk of injury. He suggested myself to work up to running an hour a day. For us who train 15 hr a week and long runs going up to 3 hr, an hour a day is easy. In reality, I can say it is harder to schedule it consistently. At the same time, the little bits of increment gain will add up.

Schedule wise, it is also much easier to schedule an hour a day for running than 3 hours

iii) Hills

Darren's neighborhood is all hills. There is no flat. This goes back to what I thought about earlier the year. Hills are the key to going faster. Hills are great for building leg strength, reduce body fatigue and good for the mind. Steven mentioned that hill runs are speed sessions in disguise. I notice this season training on hills (run & bike) I am stronger and less likely to fatigue.

I enjoyed the hike/run. It was great for the legs (yesterday I was still sore). There was one section where I was far away from Darren. I stopped and hear nothing. No car, no street noise, no one. Just me and the woods.

The best part was afterwards when we went over to Darren's house and his wife made us pancake and coffee. Good company and good day in the woods. How can you say no to that? :)

...on the training note...yesterday i went riding..brrr it was cold :D. I ran 30 min today and did some abs exercise afterwards. Soon the swimming will start....


Unknown said...

Training and pancakes -- it may not get better than that!

Brent Buckner said...

So right about the hills!

There may be a sweet spot for aerobic conditioning at two hours....

ShirleyPerly said...
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ShirleyPerly said...

Nice hike, meal and training tips! BTW, what type of shoes did you wear, hiking shoes, trail running shoes or regular running shoes?

Rae said...

It sounds like a really fun run/hike! I love doing stuff like that!