Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The last deposit.

Just a review of last week's training. After Muskoka Long Course, I jump back into the game. No break....
Last week was training focus. Let the numbers roll...
June 18th - 24th
Mon - Swim 55', Bike 115'
Tues - Run 90', Swim 35', Bike 60' (trainer)
Wed - Swim 60', Bike 115'
Thurs - Rest (boy, did I needed that)
Fri - Run 50'
Sat - Bike 360', Run 60' (brick)
Sun - Run 180'
Note: 60' = 60 minutes.

Total Time = 19 hr 40 min
Swim Volume = 6700 m
Bike Volume = 265 km
Run Distance = 55.9 km
I planned to go over 20 hours last week. I bailed on a recovery bike ride on Sun b/c my legs were toasted and figured it was better to take a break. I ended up walking in the park with some friends. Everytime I saw a cyclist, I was in envy. The weather was perfect and I wasn't on my steed. But the body needed rest. Oh well..19 and a bit hours ain't too bad :)

Last Mon and Tues, I reached the next level of fatigueness. The first few minutes getting up from the bed was a struggle. Once I was up, all was good. By Wednesday, it felt like a Friday. I was glad to have Thurs as a rest day.

The 'training' from Long Course Muskoka took more of me than I thought.

On Sat, I did a group training the team Race4Kids. We met at a house and rode out and back. My front deraileur decided to stop working at that day. I was stuck in my mid ring the whole time.
I wasn't able to use my granny gear. On regular route, I can live without it. When we climbed Hockley Valley, ouch. I was grinding and my HR was spiking. By the end my quads were feeling it.
On this ride, I started to eat as much as my stomach can handle. On a 6 hr ride, I congested 2,000 calories and burnt about 5,400 calories. Despite a high HR (from grinding) my stomach wasn't complaining. So I am happy about that. Hydration was right on. I was peeing every 40 min for the first 4 hours (then once an hour afterwards).

You know you are training lots when you run out of gels, clif bars, infinit nutrition, and gatorade... I was afraid I bonked on Sun run. I didn't..so all was good.
How do I feel right now?

I've been watching over a number of Ironman videos on youtube.com. I have no idea how I will do. I have been busy with work for the past few days. Yesterday I went for an hour ride and my legs still feel pretty fatigue. I need to focus on doing the open water swim. I am pretty serious to swim comfy and relax. A contradition huh? :)

This Sat, I am going to do an open water swim with Darren and C3. Then ride for about 4-5 hrs. Then finish it with a 30 min run. It's pretty crazy to think that's a 'taper' training. I love going long.
Last Sun at church's anniversary dinner, I spent a lot of time talking about tri and training. A girl wants to do a marathon with her cousin's g/f. The Pastor's daugther approached me and asked me if I was doing an Ironman. It turned out her gym teacher is doing Ironman USA as well and they have a tri club. She plans on doing a triathlon next year.....crazy. :)

....I got a new jersey for race4kids.ca. I love it....will pose a shot later. I will end off with picture from Muskoka Long Course.


jameson said...

the are some big numbers man!! time to dial it in and recover!

Thomas said...

Wow, your training numbers are impressive. 19 hours and 40 minutes! Incredible!

Kewl Nitrox said...

Nice picture, you are becoming quite a stud. :)

OUCH! What a time for the front deraileur to fail! Glad you got some strength training as a result. ;)

Brent Buckner said...

On to The Show!

Rachel said...

That's a pretty hard-core week. Sounds like your body is feeling it. Remember to cut back during your taper. Less is more...you know that. You're going to do so well.

Unknown said...

You look focussed in that photo.

I think it's because you ARE!

Unknown said...

Cliff, you are so ready ... I can't wait to read your race report!

Robin said...

are u fundraising for pogo/imlp? how can i make a donation in your name?

ShirleyPerly said...

Sorry to hear about the front derailleur. But better now than during your big race, for sure.

Probably a good time to make sure all your equipment is in good order and if not, replace it. Nothing new on race day :-)