Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Thoughts...Mental stuff..

After reading Bold's post about action heroes, I want to post about mental stuff. I found this topic fascinating. Our mentality will always determine our actions. Yet, to me, it is the least talk about topic out there. Maybe because it is not tangible (or is it?). Maybe people are not comfortable talking about it.

There is only a few friends I know and trust that I can talk about this. For most, it doesn't matter or matter very little.

Self Sabotage

Consciously and/or unconsciously, there is always a part of me that tries to sabotage myself. I am getting better and better at detecting it.

For example, I am not very good with mechanical things (BIKES). On the way home last night, I am thinking geez I really need to geek myself out. I don't even know what size of bike I should ride in. Not even sure if the roadie I have now is right for my size. More importantly, I don't know how to take care of my bike (clean the chain etc.) I know how to change a tire though. This is due to necessity from going over too many rocks on the road :).

There is a course that teaches advance bike maintenance in March in a local traithlon store. The course allows you to work on their bike, take it apart and put it back on. I am going to keep that in mind (just have to figure out how to readjust my training).

Speaking of bikes, I have been looking at Bikesport! I am very impress with their expertise on bike fit and knowledge. It looks like when I get my bike, I will be heading over there. They have an article on Bjorn, check it out. He bikes outdoor in Sweden in the wintertime. He is one of the main reason I am considering to train outdoor next winter (no excuse)


“There is only one type of discipline, perfect discipline.” - George Patton

How I love (and at the same time, hate) this quote. What I gather is that I have to be discipline in all areas of my life. My life doesn't have to be balance but it has to be discipline. Am I discipline at work? Am I discipline at training? Am I discipline on my diet? Am I discipline to my family? This is an ever going challenge. I can always get one discipline but drop the others.

In the zone

Have you ever feel in moment in your life where your mind, soul and body works together? There is no worry, no concern, no negativity. I am in the moment. There are only two times when I am in the zone, during paintball games and my tri race. It feels like heaven.

I can't find any words to describe it. I guess this is the feeling either you feel it or you don't. Kinda like falling in love. I want to get back in the zone. It is too addicting. Looking forward for this coming season.

The most memerable moment in the tri race is actually the transition. Maybe there is something about putting bike shorts and top in public :).


E-Speed said...

Cliff- good post this and the last. I definitely need to check out that book.

Robin said...

I have been thinkking about taking a bike maintenance course, too. So I can feel more independent on my bike, and not so freaked out by it (which usu. happens the beginning of the season).

Steven said...

Ditto on the bike course. I can change a flat, but I'm slow and if anything else goes wrong...well, I'm done. I need to fix that. Let me know how it goes for you.

Tracy said...

I've been looking for a book just like this, thanks!

Chris said...

I highly recommend taking a bike maintenance class. I took one last year and can now pretty much strip my bike down to the frame and put it back together. Worth every penny.

As for being in the zone, I've felt it a couple of times. Both were spiritual moments where I felt God's presence. I've had good times during training and in races, but nothing that compares to that!

William said...

A bike course would probaly help. I'll bet you learn more than you ever thought possible.

Rae said...

I can't wait to follow you through tri season! We're planning to buy some bikes this spring and I can't wait! It's been ages since I've ridden a bike and I'd really like to do some sprint tris at some point in the future. Have a great weekend!