Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A downward WHAT?

My reading materials have arrived.

I have bought:

- It's Not About the Bike by Lance Armstrong (I think this one is self explanatory. Cancer change man, come back and win Tour De France 7 times..the usual :D)

- Every Second Counts by Lance Armstrong (the other one seems to be more about his personal life. I hope this one give more insight of how he comes back and dominate his competitors)

- Wild At Heart by John Eldredge (someone from my church recommended it. Something about men in Church need to be know what that around grunting, scratching and belching :D)

- Terry Fox, His Story by Leslie Scrivener (my personal hero. Had cancer, lost his leg. Decided to run across Canada to raise money..truly truly touching....he ran a marathon everyday for 30-40 days on one leg...incredible)

- The Paleo Diet For Athletes By Loren Cordain and Joe Friel (Paleo Diet for Paleo man :D...hmm..the main idea is we are eating too much griany food than compare to our ancestors... basically less grain and more veges from what I gather)

I have also bought a Yoga DVD. It is call Yoga Conditiong For Athletes by Rodney Yee. I had borrowed a yoga video from the library that was also by him. It wasn't very good. It was too fast. Upward Dog, Downward Dog...I was so confuse.

This DVD has specific yoga session for individual sports. In it there is running, swimming, biking, golf and tennis. Each session last for about 10 min. I have tried the running and biking. Next time I will put them together. Geez, it is worst than working out. I was screaming in pain. I learnt that I am too rigid (this also explained my poor swimming and my inability to dance (unless I am drunk :D)). I can't bend at all :). I am a robot :D. I couldn't believe Rodney can move like that. You should check out his abs. He doesn't have solid abs. But when he do back bends, holy geez. It is like he got no stomach. His abs just caves right in. And the way he stretch....and he is a GUY (I think :P) :O.


Ann (bunnygirl) said...

I love Rodney Yee's "Yoga for Athletes" and it's the only yoga video I've ever liked or recommended.

Excellent choice!

WildWill said...

Quite a good selection of books there.

Being a Nutritionist I’ll resist on lecturing on the pitfalls of the Paleo Diet – give it a go and see what you thing …. But don’t be to rigid with it

Bolder said...

I talk about Lance mucho, but Terry Fox was my first hero, and I think the greatest canadian ever.

Anonymous said...

Cliff!!!!!! Read this:

It's a review on Wild at Heart, apparently a lot of the book is biblically twisted to suit the author's need!

On a side note, Reading is good. :)

:) said...

Those two books by Lance are my favorite all time books! Hope you enjoy them.

Anonymous said...

I want to hear about the paleo diet!

Let us know if you try it!

Spandex King said...

Hey!! Don't forget to work out!!! Looks like alot of reading to me. Good Luck!!

I also loved your quote on preaching the gospel. What a better world we would have if more people lived there life this way. Sometimes it appears that the entire world is ME ME ME and to heck with everyone else.

Boris' Dad said...

i heard some garbage a while ago about how Christians shouldn't do yoga because it opens up the body to vulnerability and Hindu spirits. hmmm.

i actually fell for it, and gave people a hard time about it.

after some thought, i realized that, 'no, you're just stretching'.

but when some people add in the chanting and mantras, etc, i become suspicious.

Cliff said...


That's a good topic. B/c yoga can also have mediation portion. The DVD I got focuses specifically on sports related. There ain't no chanting or mantra.

A good discussion for Fellowship indeed. :)

Unknown said...

cliff - benny and i have yoga for sport with rodney yee. i'm pretty sure he's not human and is made only of jello and elastic bands. no one should be able to bend like that.

we love our yoga nights with rodney!

TriZilla said...

Ooh, the Terry Fox book looks great! Thanks for the reviews. Lance's books are great. The first one (It's not about the bike) is more about his triumph over cancer, and the second has more about his training and racing. Some of those racing stories gave me goosebumps, and I'm not a cyclist by heart!

Anonymous said...

Rodney Yee Rocks... I've never used Yoga for athletes, maybe good to give it a try.

Happy Reading! Looking forward to some book reviews in the coming months :)

Anonymous said...

Cliff, Wild at Heart is the best book I've ever read. You will love it.

Susan said...

I just got the paleo diet book too . . . i'll be interested to see what your thoughts are on it!

Hilda said...

Those look like great choices, I think I will even try the DVD!
Please always include this kind of info here... you have great choices.
Fortunately internet exist and I can buy them there, internet is the best thing!!!!

Trisaratops said...

Ooooh-thanks for the reading and yoga recommendations! I needed some!

Anonymous said...

It's not About the Bike is a great read not only for those who have cancer but for anyone who is sharing the journey with someone who has cancer.

BuckeyeRunner said...

It's Not About The Bike is an amazing read. Loved it. I am reading Between A Rock And A Hard Place, the story about Aron Ralston, the backpacker who performed his own amputation on his hand. Also a good read.
Another good one is One Man's Wilderness by Richard Proenneke.
Enjoy your reads!

Pat said...

I hope to read about the Terry Fox book, if you like it and say it's worth it, I'll buy it.

My most memorable tought about Ottawa was the statue in front of the parliement. Very imposing.

Joyce said...

hey, saw you on the runnin room :)

those look like great books! lance and terry are truely motivating!

I once had a group leader practically tell me i was going to hell if i tried yoga lol... and here i thought stretching was good for you :) have fun reading!

Tammy said...

never heard of it
never heard of it
want to read it
never heard of it
read it
read it....

Looks like you'll be busy for a while Cliff! We expect book reports in the near future!

P.S. loose the word verif... It's making me crazi(er).

D said...

I read an article on that Paleo Diet. Not for vegetarians is all I have to say. I'll be interested in hearing about each book as you read through them. Do you feel the pressure? All the bloggers waiting for your reports - time to read! Have someone take a photo of you while doing those Devil Crunches and post it. I'm sure the bloggers will let you know if they are sexy or Have a great weekend.