Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A conversation

Friend: tempted to signup for the 5k..but i remember the convo i had with you back awhile ago...and how there is no pt to pay to run 5k
i want to do a 10k.

My response:

if u pay..u might as well get your money worth

5 k is 35 bucks?

marathon is 70 bucks.

Gotta get the bang for the a marathon man :D

honestly it doesn't really matter as long as u have fun and some how find God in the process..(oh wait i mean the other way but really if u are running...and u are really RUNNING..not the let's go for a walk on sun b/c it is sunny, it ain't really really fun...b/c u will be hurting and you will be trying not to cough your lungs out)...

I don't think i experience as much physical pain since I done triathlon or marathon or whatever-thon u can think of.

I did three mile repeats (6:5x, 7:0x, 7:13) on Monday. Wow. It hurts :).


ShirleyPerly said...

Yep, I'm a race bargain hunter too :-)

Good job on those mile repeats. I have the same problem going out too hard at first and dying at the end.

Michael said...

Make it hurt more next time, well done, keep it up!

brendaj said...

To me 5ks are more fun runs and I feel less compelled to push hard compared to a 10k. So I still like to do them (especially these days) but I see your point about the value per mile!