Monday, October 13, 2008

The meaning of a run...

It is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. And this holiday, it is especially quiet.

My sis is in Taiwain. My parents have engagements. I don't have a lot of plans this weekend. I don't have the desire to go out.

Perhaps it is the race coming next Sun. Or perhaps lately I need more quiet time to think things out. In either case, my weekend had been quiet and tranquil one.

The weather is fabulous. Instead of the fall windy chilly environment, we were blessed with a sudden Indian Summer weekend. I was fortunate enough to be running in shorts without feeling the chills.

I want to go for a long ride on this kind of weather. The kind where my mind can roam feel without the distraction of everyday life. The kind where I grind up the hill huffing and puffing..but at last I can't. I am tapering for my race. Need to keep the legs fresh. (Note: I did went for a few short rides.)

I just came back from a morning jog. The sky was beautiful. And the birds felt the same way. As I jogged along a river, they were chirping as loud as they can. Maybe they always chirp as loud. And maybe this time there weren't any traffic noise to drown them out. In either way, I do enjoy their presence as I did a quick 5 km.

To be honest, this race, I didn't have much motivation to train. Granted. I did put down the mileage and did the workout. I was looking at things deeper than the time and the distance. What's the difference between this race and any other race that I enter?

We train for many reasons. Some of us do it for our health. Some of us do it for fun. Some of us like the competitive aspect. And to some degree, those were my reasons. Along today's run, I was reminded that I run because I have the luxury to run. It is a reminder that I am still alive. And alive well.

It is a reminder that a liver transplant doesn't come very often.
And being blessed with a gift. A gift where I did not deserve it or worked at it. That I shouldn't take granted for it.

That's the meaning of my run. Whether I meet my time goal or not. It doesn't matter. The most important aspect is using the gift that I was bestowed upon and let its glory shine.

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Unknown said...

Happy Thanksgiving Cliff!!

Unknown said...

Great post, Cliff. :-)

ShirleyPerly said...

Nice thoughts for a Thanksgiving!