Sunday, July 06, 2008

Peterborough Fun. Half Ironman Peterborough Quick Report

Aaron just dropped me back home.

5 hr 45 min.

50 min swim
2:55 bike
1:55 run

Age Group 16/20 (Dang i wish they give prizes from the bottom up :P).

Overall a good time. The run was toasty :)

To summarize:

Swim - two loops. By 500 m, I was swimming fine. A lot of slapping around. More so than two years ago when I did this race.

Bike - Keep the HR 150s-160s. Eat and drink. Ride small ring on the hills. When I swim so slow, I started to picking off people.

Run - Where the fun begins. By 14 km, I was falling apart. I had to walk for a bit b/c i drink too much water. A 55 year old passed me, I stayed w/ him for about 20 min. In the last 5 km, just holding on. Passed one guy in my age group with 3 km to go :). A few seconds behind a 23-yr-old female.

I got some nice tan lines and two sore toes.

Darren did wicked on the course. 4:30. 8th overall, first in his AG. This guy is a monster :)

Aaron did 5:15. Glad he waited for me at the end.

Now beer and wings are calling...

Great to just go long.... :)..Will give a more detail report later.....thanks for reading and have a great weekend.


Unknown said...

You earned the beer & wings Cliff!!

ShirleyPerly said...

I agree with Wendy. Nice run!!

Brent Buckner said...

Good event!

And far better too much water than too little....

Michael said...

Congratulations, well done! Those are some well deserved beer, hope you enjoyed them!