Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Checking in

We had a long weekend up here in Canada. I did not train at all. I know. The season is rolling in and I am sittnig at home.

The dry cough has been getting to me. Every morning I would wake up from coughing. I spent the weekend just resting and taking it easy. Snooze a lot.

My throat is slowly getting better. From last Sat to today, I don't cough as much.

The cooler weather certainly didn't help.

Yesterday after work, I had to go to the pool. I need to swim. I got there and hit the laps until they are closed. For an hour, I did a number of drills. I am very glad to see how well my body and my arms respond from lack of exercise.

Of the three sports, swimming is my weakest. Swimming being a skill emphasis activity, I need to get more time in the pool and focus on my movement (like my left hand fling out when I pull). For the past two years, the swim in Muskoka Long Course, I wussed out. I vowed that this time around, I will have a good swim. A good confident swim.

[Added]I had a hard time explaining my swimming experience. Perhaps this is my insecurity from swimming. Ha, what? Cliff, didn't you swim 3.8 km at Ironman last year? That's true. I am very surprise at how well my swim was. Despite that, my weakest leg is still swimming.

What should I do? Well, I certainly not going to bail on swim and focus in duathlon (Run Bike Run). I believe that majority of this insecurity is in my head. As most fears in life are. So how do I go about dealing with our own fears? Make it an experiment. Place myself in situation where I would feel the fear and test myself. In this case, swim more, swim in groups, swim in open water. Don't be afraid to lead a swim (even I am awfully slow.. :) ).

First, get the pool time. Then, get open water practice. Sitting around does not help.

After the swim, I hit the treadmill for 30 min. I kept it easy. Just run for the sake of running.

The weather this week is still pretty chilly. I am staying indoor for my throat sake until the weather turns around.

On Fri, we are expecting some summer weather. About time :).

Today during Oracle meeting, I jot down this week training plan :). Nothing heavy. Right now, just chalking up time.

On the family front. My parents have been talking about retiring. About time. They have been working since I was born. I am sure their attitude had rubbed off to me.

A number of friends ask me if this is good or bad. I do not know. I just know that there will be a huge change in a few years.

I am still thinking more schooling....we shall find out where that leads. Until the next post, I will be doing what I can to get train. Take it easy...


Unknown said...

Feel better fast, Cliff!

Your swim training plan sounds like a recipe for success.

anners said...

It will be a nice weekend for training. Enjoy :)

Afternoon Tea With Oranges said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon, Cliff! Have fun getting back into the swing of things!

brendaj said...

I'm with you on the swimming. The way I deal with it is to swim really leisurely so that I don't even feel it's a race. The problem is though that it usually IS a race!

Ellie Hamilton said...

Good plan, Cliff, take it easy.... and get in as much as you can. Easy. Feel better soon.

ShirleyPerly said...

Thanks for sharing how you deal with fears. Swimming is my weakest sport too and, indeed, one does not improve by simply sitting around talking about it. Gotta get wet!