Friday, April 11, 2008

Bike Latec Threshold and a Surprise Party

Just to recap last weekend.

I went to Darren on Sat to do a LT Bike Test. The idea is to find out what my Latec Threshold is on the bike to narrow down the Heart Rate Zones I should be training. In endurance events, we need to build a strong aerobic base and pace ourselves. Finding the heart rate zones will help me determine if I am going too hard.

The setup is very simple. Ride as hard as you can for 30 min. Find the average heart rate of the last 20 min and that's your LT on your bike.

The computrainer also measue wattage. I never rode on one before so it was interesting to see my heart rate stays the same and my wattage drop when I lose focus.

Darren stepped out the room as I was riding and came back 15 min later. He looked at my heart rate and my breathing and say I am not working hard enough. Instantly I bring the intensity up. The last 5-10 min was absolutely brutal. I don't think I ever rode so hard. My quads were shaking afterwards.

Darren kept a recorded of the session on his comp. I believe my avg wattage is low 190s (this is from starting too easy in the beginning).

My average heart rate (or Bike LT) is 177 and max heart rate was 191.

What does all this mean?

Base on my average heart rate (177), here is breakdown of my zones (click here to view a zone finder):

Zone 1 (Recovery) - 117-150
Zone 2 (Basic Endurance) - 151-160
Zone 3 (Tempo) - 161-169
Zone 4 (Sub-Threshold) - 170-176
Zone 5a (Super-Threshold) - 177-180
Zone 5b (Aerobic Capacity) - 181-187
Zone 5c (Power) - 188-196

Last year when I was training for my Ironman, on my bike ride, my heart rate average at 145. Looking at this zones, my training was right now (if not even lower).

In general, a Latec Threshold on the run is 10 heart beats higher than the bike LT. We can translate that my running zones is as follows (based on a test value of 187 [177+10]):

Zone 1 (Recovery) - 124-159
Zone 2 (Basic Endurance) - 160-170
Zone 3 (Tempo) - 171-179
Zone 4 (Sub-Threshold) - 180-186
Zone 5a (Super-Threshold) - 187-190
Zone 5b (Aerobic Capacity) - 191-198
Zone 5c (Power) - 199-207


The test give me a more realistic heart rate zones to train with. It doesn't change a whole lot as I am still training in low heart rates (build up the aerobic capacity).

I am interested in doing a future test and see how my average wattage increases as I am becoming fitter.

To end off from the Bike test, Darren and I did a few hill repeats. Fun times.
On Sun, my friends threw me a surprise party (my b-day is on the 17th). I sorta know it is coming already as I told my friends that I could be out training. It was fun to catch up with a few friends I haven't spoke to for a long time.

Someone brought a nurse outfit..and someone (ME!) has to wear embarassing. I am surprise the pictures and videos haven't circulated in youtube or facebook. (...for those who are curious..don't worry, once i get a hold of those pics, i will post them here =D).

I bought a tri-bike (Cervelo Dual '04) in the winter and it was the first time I rode it outdoor this week. The tri position felt very different outdoor than on the trainer. On tri-bike, compared to my roadie, I am leaning more forward and putting more upper body on the aerobar. I think I need to build some strength on my arm to make sure I can stay in aero for a long time.

I usually leave my shoes in the pedal. The shoes are just tight enough to fit my bare feet. It was a chilly day so I wore a pair of socks. I was riding back and fourth on my street trying to get my feet in the shoes :0. I almost fell over. Haha :)....funny and embarassing.


brendaj said...

How could you write that post and not include the pictures with it??

And I did fall over the first time trying my clipless pedals right on the street in front of my house. I'm sure some of my neighbors saw and were just too polite to even mention it.

Rae said...

Happy Early Birthday!!! And we really need some pics from that party!

ShirleyPerly said...

Glad you got to ride your tri bike outside. Strange that I think riding a road bike requires more upper body strength than riding a tri bike in aero. Guess it's just what you're used to ...

Can't wait to see the party pics!!