Monday, February 04, 2008

Quick post.

If you see my training schedule for the past few weeks, I haven't been training at all. There has been a number of life issues that I have to deal with. I do not want to use the words 'get in the way' as at times as much as I love to train, there are other matters in my life that I have to deal with.

Though, without going out there, I do feel my energy is draining and I feel low. I don't think it is necessary the actual training that I miss. Rather, it is the solitude where I can reflect about my life and what I am doing on earth. And I have been dwelling on this question awfully lot for the past few weeks.

I still love the 6-7 hr bike ride where I am mostly by myself and the road. Where I can ask a lot of questions and just dwell on my previous expereinces. Not necessary finding the answer but discerning what they all mean.

And I need more time of solitude.

Have a great day everyone. Did anyone watch superbowl last night? I saw the first two quarters and was surprise to see Giant start making a comeback. I guess that's what exciting about sports. It never ends until the fat lady sings :)


Unknown said...

I hope things balance out for you soon, Cliff.

Brent Buckner said...

Yes, hope you soon feel scheduling the time is feasible!

Jen in Budapest said...

How do you post your weekly trainings? I think that's great and would like to do it on mine. Thanks.