Sunday, December 02, 2007


Just to give a quick blurb. This weekend the weather didn't let up.

Yesterday I went hiking with another friend. We did 8 km in about an hour and 30 min. It was a bit chilly. I shared with my friend how I would spent hours on my bike. He asked me, 'wouldn't that be lonely'. Looking back, it is the solitude that I enjoyed. Just being in the outdoor. No internet, no cell phone, no agenda, no emails. I need to get disconnected once in a while.

This morning the sky dropped 6 inches of snow. In the afternoon it started to rain. Funny. Looking at the snow this morning, I had an itch to run. I actually want to get a pair of snowshoes and go on more trails.

I don't know how the city plow the sidewalks. On certain part they decided to leave it un-plow. So my route became a surprise. On certain parts, I would walk knee deep of snow. I would jump over the snowbanks. Quite fun. I felt like I was in adventure racing. I also have a good workout on all those support muscles in my feet :D.

Today's run: 16 km (10 miles) 1 hr 49 min. Average pace.

Training is slowly getting there. For the past week, I biked once and run 5 times. I signed up Buckeye Outdoors Training (look at the sidebar). Looking back, my weakness is that I don't track my numbers. I have no clue what pace I run in my zones. This is an area this year I will address.

I have been working on my core. Everyday I would rotate between Core Strength Program from D3 Multisport. They have 6 parts. I use the first two parts. They are great. Quick and easy to do.

I need to swim and I need to bike :). That will be done soon.

I was looking at the Transplant Games last night. The Transplant Games are the equivalent to the Olympics. Except that they are for people with organ transplant. The competitive side of me was checking out the times of the some of the events. They had a 40 km bike ride, 5 km bike time trial, 5 km road race (run) and a 1,500 m track run. I figured I have a chance in doing very well in those races. They had a video of the 2005 Transplant Games and a lady was sharing how she was so fortunate to have a kidney transplant. When she mentioned about a few friends that passed away while on the waiting list...I realized that going to this game is not solely about the competition. It is about celebration of life and give hopes to others.

There is a national Transplant Game in August 2008. That one is close enough for me to attend. There is also an International one in Australia 2009. I am interested in this one. I would love to go and represent Canada.

...lastly, I thought I change my blog layout...time to do chores and go to bed..take it easy everyone.


jameson said...

The "Transplant Games" sound killer... celebrate what you have overcome... it's incredible!

brendaj said...

I think you definitely should do the Transplant Games. Your whole training and IM experience is a celebration of life which would be inspiring to others.

Tri-Dummy said...

The games sound fun. Had no idea they had that sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

Nice new look to the blog, Cliff!

And yes -- the Transplant Games sound like an ideal event for you!

Brent Buckner said...

Transplant Games sound tremendous.

Thanks for the link to the D3 core program!

Thomas said...

Transplant Games, never heard of them before. They sound absolutely perfect for you!

ShirleyPerly said...

Ah, so that's what's different about your blog. I knew it was something but couldn't put my finger on it until you mentioned it. Nice wintery change!

Aaron said...

Mmm, junk food.... chips and Crispy Crunch..

Running in the cold is all mental, as in "you have to be mental to want to do it..." Last year I was Joe Treadmill - this year I'm running outside as much as possible and rolling through massive piles of laundry to get back out there.

Rae said...

That would be so awesome if you could compete for Canada!!! How cool!