Sunday, October 28, 2007


Just to give an update as what I have been doing.

Today after church, I went out for a bike ride. Granted, it is 10 *C plus wind chill here. It was cold.

Note to self: I have to find my thermal undies. When I ride against the wind (and it was VERY windy today...) woah.. :)

Other than that, I felt fine in my winter gears. The road was empty. I guess when it is windy people will stay home. There was one part of the hill where I was grinding to the top. Because of the wind, I was literrally standing still.

For the past week, I have been running on and off after work. Usually for 20 minutes or so.

Life as it seems is quite well. I am busy at church. I have stepped up as a member of the English Ministry Congregation. What does this mean? Bascially, I am part of a comittee that is in charge of the English Congregation. I am also the head of the Ushering Ministry. I love greeting new comers and regular go-ers in the morning at the entrance.

My daily rountine..well is becoming a routine. I work till 5 to 5:30. I go home, change, go for a jog/bike, shower, then do what needs to be done and head to bed.

I have my next year's race schedule in mind. Just need to start registering for them. Official training is not starting until Jan.

Before I leave..just want to give a shout out to Jameson. He was at the Xterra Championship and he finish 39 overall (4th place on his age group). I can't wait to hear his race report...

I apologize for not being able to visit your blogs as often as I use to. If you are reading...enjoy what you are doing in life and do it whole heartedly :)..until next time...I am off to bed.


Unknown said...

Cliff, it snowed here for the first time yesterday. It was not particularly well received! (So yes, get out those thermals!)

Tri-Dummy said...

You are the perfect person to get people coming BACK to your congregation.

Brent Buckner said...

Thanks for the update!

Clearly you are putting the time that you have to great use.

brendaj said...

I can see you as a great usher/greeter.

ShirleyPerly said...

Nice update. I'll bet greeting folks is a good way to meet some nice ladies :-)

Rachel said...

Sounds like you are busy but staying balanced. Good for you. I don't know how you can bike in that cold!