Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Weekly Training Summary

I can't believe today is Wednesday already. Time sure pass by when you have fun.

Here is some numbers from last week training. Last week was my recovery week.

For May 14 - 20

Mon - Rest - Stretch 20'
Tues - Bike 60'
Wed - Swim 15', Run 30', Swim 30' (first swim, I was totally off)
Thurs - Rest (second rest day)
Fri - Run 30' (LT test bailed), Swim 80'
Sat - Bike 150', Run 10', Swim 20'
Sun - Run 60'

Total Hours = 8 hr 45 min
Actual Aerobic hours = 8 hr 25 min

Swim = 4, 550 m
Bike = 89 km
Run = 17.5 km

Starting a new job last thurs and with all the learning, my training gone down. This is actually good. My body do need the rest. I even took a second rest day.

I did a Latec threshold run test on Fri. Off the bat, my heart rate monitor was actting weird. Usually the HRM takes 10 min before it gives accurate reading. After 15 min, it was still all over the place. I disregard it and decided to push it. About 10 minute into the run, I was having trouble keeping it up. My breathing was not consistent. Heart rate (not sure how accurate) will not go beyond 175. Perceived effort wise, it felt like my heart rate should be in the mid 180s.

Seeing how the HRM is not giving accurate readings and how tired I am, I called it off.

Here are a few things off my head:

- strong ego and information is not a substitute of wisdom
- passion in serving God and in living life in general
- forgiving myself and moving on from bad deals (or mistakes or screw ups)
- discipline and fun at the same time
- the way I change (body, mind and soul) in the past two years when I started training for Ironman
- burn out in general (career or training)
- figuring out who I am (go-getter, good starter poor finisher etc.)
- under promise and over deliver instead of the opposite


Dances with Corgis said...


I'm a big fan of the setup of this post. Very nicely laid out... I like the training volume listed, and the ruminations at the end. Thank you so much for always prompting me to think about things bigger than my own little world!

Keep killing it,

TriShannon said...

Great week. Sounds like you needed the extra rest day. Got to listen to your body.

Robin said...

Rest is important! Good call

Francois the Nurse said...

You remind me of my first time I trained. I've done two triathlons in my life.... never tohught I would. My first one was a local YMCA triathlon... I did it just to get myself back into really good shape (I was a swimmer in highschool) OMG I was so scared when I saw the amount of people who showed up! I didn't come in last (whew!) but I definitely didn't come in first!!! After that one, I loved it so much, I really wanted to improve myself and not enter into the competition without really feeling ready. So I began searching the internet for local training groups and camps. Well, the whole point of my story is that I found this really great website: Mind and Body Workout If your visit here, and go under "DVD," they have a great triathete DVD that helped me train at home. But yeah you really need to rest. You don't want ot conk out at the end... or get kicked in the HEAD!