Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I have trouble starting this post. Another topic I would love to write is chaos in relation to triathlon.

Given the situation I am in, this feels more appropriate. Don't worry. It ain't anything serious. I am ok and actually doing good. I bailed a swim yesterday but that ain't the end of the world.

Last night, I prayed and reflected about my direction and where I am heading. I have started doing things for the sake of doing and without realizing why I am doing it in the first place.

This really isn't a crossroad. Rather, it is about me craving my own path. And I ain't here debating which path I should take. I have made the decision. It is a matter of moving forward and letting things flow.

I will spill it out by tomorrow. Things ain't standing still that's for sure. Maybe things are standing still and I am moving on :0)


Tri-Dummy said...

God has a plan for you, brother.

Holler at me if you need to talk.


Dr. Iron TriFeist :) said...

Sometimes we just have to live and let God.

Anonymous said...

Trust HIM!

Unknown said...

Personally I find that a healthy training schedule keeps everything else balanced. Sometimes it's hard and you feel pulled in many different directions. I wish you the best on your path... and hope you continue to keep tri-ing :)

Wedgie said...

This is bumper-sticker psychology, but I like it: "God Always Has a Plan B." So whatever road you take, you'll still be able to Get There From Here.

Born To Endure said...

That's one certain thing in this doesn't ever stand still..god is with you though every step of the way!!

Iron Pol said...

Crossroads are always something. Sometimes their exciting and fun. Other times they are frightening or frustrating. One thing is always certain, God has a plan, and even if we pick the wrong road, He'll nudge us back on course. (With me, He usually has to use a bat, because I'm hard headed and don't listen well) (And I like Mister P's take).

As for the blogger thing, what frustrates me is that I can't respond to people. I have yet to have a single "new" blogger comment show an e-mail address.

Habeela said...

Chaos with respect to triathlon? Crossroads? These sound like my kind of posts. Can't wait to read what you have to write.