Monday, November 27, 2006


Before I start my post, I just realize yesterday I swim 2,100 m. I told a friend I swam 1,600 m. Ooops. Triathletes can't count...but that's ok. No wonder my shoulders were aching this morning.

Here is the breakdown of my swim:
500 m - warm up (slow, easy)
200 m x 4 drills - 100 m one arm swim, 100 m easy, rest 30 sec
5 x 100 m - 50 m medium, 25 m easy, 25 m hard, rest 45 sec
500 m - cool down with pull buoy

This Sun I am going to McMaster University Swim Improvement Clinic. This week I will get in more chlorine time and hopefully grow a fin or something.

On Sat, I woke up in a blanket of fog. I quickly got my shoes and hit the road. I can't recall the last time I ran in a fog. It was thick. The kind that you won't see more than 20-30 feet.

I ran in my neighbourhood. Like the back of my hand. I know this place inside out. This is where I grew up. Where I trick or treated. Where I almost got hit by a van while biking. I can recall every cracks, every bump, every tree.

Despite that, there is still a part of me that is unsure what lies beyond the fog. Would there be something beyond that I will never expect?

I thought who I am right now. The person who I have become is a creation of my past. My mistakes, my achievements, my struggles, my ups and downs. What lies ahead of me will be the steps I take right now.

I thought about where I will be heading. Is it really that frightening? The uncertainty?

Isn't the future like a fog? As I step forward, it slowly uncover itself. And the more it uncover itself, the more I realize uncertainty is a good thing.

If life is predictable in every way, fogless, can you imagine what life will be like? Every person you meet, you will know whether this relation will be a friend or not. There is no need for courtship because you will know exactly if this person will be your partner in life. Every day you wake up, you know exactly what will happen. Get stuck in traffic for 15 min, arrive to work late. Get chew out by the boss.

Sometimes we do need that uncertainty. It keeps us real. It makes us who we are.

Let God pick my path. That's His job. My job is to take one step at a time. In the fog.

Just like any other run, I returned home safe and sound. Because of the fog, I realized there is a layer of dew formed on my jacket. Neat.


Afternoon Tea With Oranges said...

Well said, Clif. Too often I get in God's way, instead of letting him pick the path. And I always mess it up.

I am so jealous that you are going to the swim clinic!! I need to grow a fin too!!

William said...

Great swim. Have fun at the clinic. I still need to work on my shoulder a bit. Getting there thanks to ART (and God)

Fog hides what is there, it doesn't remove it. Maybe it even makes it clearer for us to see what is most important, like the immediate road ahead. It removes distractions for us.

Lora said...

Beautiful, just beautiful! You've got it soo right! The fun is in the not knowing! I just don't know how some people lead the same boring lives day after day, year after year. Take chances! Take those steps! Such exciting lives we have!!

Dave said...

wow, so philosophical. i like your analogy with the fog.

Anonymous said...

I agree with William...well put. The others had great comments, too.

In addition, as a believer, Cliff you are a light in the fog. Lighting the way.

Anonymous said...

I like the fog metaphor! As always, I can completely relate! :)

Carrie said...

It's it funny how the fog enveloped you...just like the messenger you are.

Unknown said...

I like the fog analogy. I like the fog and the uncertainty. I think it helps keep me honest and forces me to put my faith in God. If I knew where I was headed all the time and how everything was going to work out I might start to think I can do it all on my own. I pray that this does not happen. It probably will, and God will have to bring me back to reality, but I am thankful that He will.

And to answer your question my training is about half of what it used to be so my marathon time was about all I could expect. I was happy and thankful that I had the ability to go out there and finish.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and poetic post Cliff. Thoughtful and well said. The challenge of living is to take steps even when we don't know where they will eventually lead. You are on to something here.

Rae said...

Great post and what a beautiful pic! I'd love to see more pics of your scenery!!

The clinic sounds awesome!! I know you will enjoy it!

Bonbon said...

Cool stuff man!I have to rely on God more and have Him set my path, b/c I mess it up too often.

Anonymous said...

I like the way you count!

Fe-lady said...

I had similar thoughts yesterday morning as I was running in PITCH blackness-but like you, knew the route so well I could anticipate every curb, crack and speed bump. I was wondering if the run was parallel to our lives at certain moments- we know where we WANT to go and how to travel there somewhat, but no matter how well we know ourselves and the "route" we can still be headed off into the dark/fog and the unknown....
It's always better to think you have swum less and then find out you did MORE than the other way around!

Mike said...

I'm feeling your post Cliff- excellent stuff!
Your yoga post was hilarious...I was thinking uh oh at first but then yoga...had me laughing..keep at it, I heard it gets easier! ;-)