Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Relationships and Niagara On The Lake Duathlon Finish Video

Let's show the video first..this is me running to the end. Notice the Tigger ears and my right arm moving not as relax as my left. No need to be too critical as I am still in my off season.


Now onto something more interesting. Recently me and my friend has been talking about relationships. It is very interesting to see that God has put him in the similair situation as me.

Actually, what we are talking about is not relationship. We are being selfish and talking about ourselves. Specfically about how to become a stronger Christian (man). Sorry guys, I ain't talking about tricks and pick up lines.

We were discussing about standing up for our values and our faith. He was mentioning that you to need show your integrity, honesty, be courtesy, show respect...I said that if we are truly Christian (man), we will be showing those characteristics already.

The biggest challenge is to be who I am. That's the scariest part. No, I do not mean to scratch yourself and burp in public :D. But am I honest enough to show my weakness? My faults? To not worry what the partner will think of me? To talk about my sins? To not be thinking about the best way to pick this person up or if I have a chance with that person...to just be me.

I ain't worry about finding the right person b/c I know God will be at work there. I detest current society how if u find someone u don't like, u drop him/her and find someone else. This ain't shopping for a car. (besides, there is no perfect someone..every relationship has trials).

A few years back (befoe I accepted Christ), me and my friend challenged each other. The goal was to get 10 dates on lavalife (or in person or whatever) during the summer. If the other person found a relationship before the 10 dates, he would automatically win. Of course, me being me, I won the contest. Thinking back, that was actually very silly and immature.

My focus, simple. To work on becoming a better Christian everyday. Consistency..just like in training. Just like in life.

Sorry guys, it is late and I am a bit sick. I don't have time to look up scriptures...here are some articles that I found online that helped me shape my thinking:

- Who's on first?
- What does a Biblical Relationship looks like?
- Not Your Buddy


Kewl Nitrox said...

Great finish!

I concur with what you said. Age has taught me that pretending to be someone else is the easy way out, but it always comes back to bite and the worst case is that you can lose sight of who you really are. That'a a scary notion - to not know who you are anymore, and I have almost been there.

It takes guts to be who you are, stand for what you believe and still meet the special someone. But when you do, it is a wonderful feeling because there is nothing to hide. Hang in there!

Steven said...

Well put, Cliff. And someone is out there just for you and your paths are destined to cross when He says it's time for that to happen.

Also, loved the ears!

Rachel said...

Congrats on finishing the Canadian half-IM! That's fantastic. Can't believe you're already planning an IM for next year. That's a good sign!

Isn't it funny how much we do in the off-season? Sometimes I wonder if it's because we take off the pressure to "perform" and just go out and be spontaneous and have fun and participate in opportunities that present themselves. (I too, have been doing a lot in my "off" season, as you have been, I've noticed.)

P.S. Great job on volunteering for the kids triathlon. Those kids are great! You've definitely inspired me to volunteer more. I've done it once for the handicapped division at a 1/2 marathon, and it was fantastic.

Mike said...

Hey Cliff...you'll probably bump into that special someone at one of your races....there's got to be tons of girls out there who find the "tigger ears" irresistible! ;-)

Btw, solid finish!

Lora said...

LOVE the Tigger ears!!

It's all about integrity, IMHO. Stick with that and the girls that know what's really worth something in life will be along. In the meantime, have fun! Girls love a guy who has a full/fun life and is humble.

The good ones are always worth waiting for!

Afternoon Tea With Oranges said...

Cliff, you are right. I think TV is largely responsible for the way people view relationships these days. Everything on the television gives a false sense of reality about relationships. It makes me sick.

Nice video...and nice ears!! Did you hop any??!!!