Monday, August 07, 2006

Weekly Summary (July 31 - Aug 5) Run Focus

Thought I give a detail of last week's training. Thanks for all the comment about the pulling. Nytro, I do not want to understand hoaw a female species feel. A while ago, I realize that no matter how hard I try, I will never understand how a female feels or think. It is like a black hole and better left alone :). I will not give myself a bikini wax. Thanks for the advice. My limited mental capacity cannot handle such 'dedicte' procedure :D.

- Hill run 60'
- Swim drill 30'
- Stretch 15'

- Long Swim 45'
- Stretch 10'
- Weights 40'

- Long run 180' (90' jog + 90' walk)
- Stretch 15'

- Bike trainer 42'
- Stretch 15'
- Swim Drill 30'
- Hot tub stretch 15'

- Long run 120'
- Swim Drill 25'
- Stretch 5'

- Long ride (w/ Darren) 340'
- Stretch 10'
- Easy Run 60'
- Stretch 10'

- Ride 150'
- Recovery Run 15'
- Stride 15'
- Hot Tub Stretch 20'

Bike = 532' (8.86 hours)
Run = 360' (6 hours) [exclude the walk part on Wed's long run]
Swim = 130' (1.75 hrs)
Stretch = 115' (2.16 hrs)
Weights = 40' (0.67 hrs)

Total = 19.6 hrs

The Good
- put in two long runs
- start doing strides
- stretched a lot

The Bad
- need to bump up the swim, frequency and volume is not as high as I thought.
- first long run was too hot and not enough water, newbie mistake

The weekend was brutal (in a semi good way). On Sat, went for a long ride with Darren. Sun, decided to push a bit on the bike. It was suppose to be my recovery ride but I started riding quite hard on some flat parts. By the afternoon I was exhuasted. Cumulated of a long run on Fri, long ride on Sat, and the ride in the morning, I did not want to go out for strides.

But since it was on my schedule, I went out anyways. As usual, the legs complained in the first 10 min. By the time I did my strides, I was feeling pretty good.

Had a lot of sleep. Yesterday 10 hours. Sweet. Legs are not heavy but they ain't back to norm.
This week is swim focus. Will be spending a lot of time in the community pool. Give my legs some rest and now it is time to blow those arms.

Enough said.


Donald said...

I would LOVE to get 10 hours of sleep! I'm very envious now. Way to knock out all those miles, Cliff.

Unknown said...

That's a lot of training hours Cliff. Nice work!

Anonymous said...

"It is like a black hole and better left alone"

LOL, best quote I've seen all year.

Thomas said...

That is a lot of training. Your work ethics will keep you going, but take care not to get injured or burned out.

All in all, very well done!

E-Speed said...

it's all about the run!!!

Hilda said...

What a great schedule and better to be able to acomplish it!

Thanks Cliff, yor give me hope :)

qcmier said...

I'm always amazed at how much you can do. Great Job!!!

By the way, what is your definition of "Strides?" Are they form drills, or speed type work?

Julie B said...

Awesome week of training Cliff! Good work..keep on getting that sleep :)

jameson said...

that's a big week man. you must be eating nonstop to fuel up for those workouts. I have my biggest weeks coming up and it's good see other people out there putting in the work.

Comm's said...

Cliff I do apologize for not stopping by more frequently. I will be a better friend. It is good to read several of your posts in a row and that perspective shows me that you are at a better place than you where in May thru Mid July. You truly seem to be at more peace with yourself and your life. Hallejulah.

WildWill said...

Looks like your training is going well cliff

Anonymous said...

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