Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Teeth business is slow businsess

This morning, I was planning on hitting the weights. Instead, I put my bike on the trainer and do some grinding.

5' WU
7' One minute per gear, mid ring

Now here is the interesting and fun part. This is all done with the smallest rear cog.

2' Small Ring
2' Mid Ring
1' Big Ring
2' Mid Ring

Repeat twice

5' CD

Not too bad. I was dripping all over. Mid Ring, I was spinning at 60 RPM. Big Ring, I was spinning at high 50s RPM. The whole set takes about 30 min. I will mix the drill some more.

Went to see the teeth specialist today. He told me my teeth and gums are much better. This is good considering I spent 20 min a night cleaning them (as oppose to before, two min). It is ironic that I clean more deligently now that I have less teeth.

Now the not so great news is that two teeth are still infected and he doesn't want to operate until they heal. This means a three month waiting period. This is on top of a four mouth waiting period if I am going to do implant. So I won't get my teeth back until....Dec?? The right path is not necessarily the shortest.

The better news is that he told me I can get a half crown to fix one of the tooth. I asked is there a short term solution for the missing tooth. He said yes, just get a temp and glue it on. SWEET.

Oh yeah, I have to do one more root canal. :-D

Tonight I am meeting my swim coach at 9:15 pm. This means I won't be home until 11 something. There goes my sleeping schedule. Need to get up early to do a 2 hr run tomorrow.

Endurosport has open water swim tonight at 6:30. Sweet. I was planning to take a bath in the lake already. I am going to go with them. If the lake sharks got me, at least someone can tell my family :D. less than two weeks, I will be swimming 2 km, bike 55 km and run 15 km. This morning, I spent 10 min visualizing my race. While I was waiting for the dentist, more visualization. I am a calm swimmer. I will have smooth transition. My bike ride will be nice and relax. No HR spike. I will end with a strong run. My nutrition will be perfect. There is no hills that I cannot tackle....


William said...

Good luck tonight.

I am visualizing too, not all good stuff, but hey, fear is ok.

Hope your swim coach has some pointers!

jameson said...

good luck with the swim coach. I had my stroke analyzed by a coach in january and then again two weeks ago. it seems there is always something to improve and it's to find it yourself. but each time i worked on the flaws that they noticed and immediately saw improvements.

keep it up man...!!

Nic said...

Good luck, Cliff.

BTW, I'm kind of obsessed with flossing... Is that wierd?

Thomas said...

That teeth business sounds painfully slow. It might put me off bikes.

Are you looking forward to the tri? You're well able to cope with those distances, I'm confident you won't have much of a problem.