Monday, June 12, 2006

An ordinary weekend...

Sat, I had dinner with some friends. The conversation quickly turned to me, the love of spandex and shaving. As triathletes (and endurance atheletes), u know how good spandex feels. Shaving wise...I was asking around to find the best way. I shaved last Sat but the hair is coming back. Need a simple solution that doesn't require too much time and don't have to do it once a week. Getting use to the smooth skin and loving it in a heterosexual way.

As I told Nicole, there are two reason why I bike. Shave legs and spandex....oh u can never get enough spandex :D. See if u ain't a cyclist and u do those two things..u are weird. But the minute u become a cyclist, it is natural :).

Did my best yesterday to get people from Church to hit the beach. Two girls don't want to go b/c they might get a tan. What's with this culture of keeping skin white and blemish. You can but u are missing out the fun in the sun. I manage to persuade one girl to come. She got her Convocation tomorrow (today) and she was afraid she would get a tan. I didn't told her on the way back she got those sunglasses tan (you know, the one that makes you look like a raccoon) :D.

My mom bought bunch of chocolate and some rice krispy squares. I was telling her why she bought so much. She told me b/c I like to eat them. I showed her my race schedule and explained to her I am on a strict diet until after my 1/2 Peterborough on July 9th. They are so distracting :).

I also told her that I would come back in time after Muskoka Long Course and we can go out for dinner for Father's Day. She said it ain't necessary to go out b/c the restaurants will be crowded. That's one thing I like about my parents. They like to do their own thing and not always go with the crowd (can this explain my craze for triathlon?).

Yesterday on the swim, some lady was passing someone and her head hit my head. Ouch. That startled me. I quickly got back into the swim. My head and neck is fine. I had every urge to tell her to be careful and she should watch where she was going. But I didn't. I had only one focus, my swim.

She was wearing fins. Everytime she passed me, she created a wave. That's good. Good to stimulate open water.

I was planning on doing a 2 km swim over the weekend. I didn't. Body needed rest. Tonight, open water swim with someone I met on Toronto Triathlon Club. Then head over to the community pool and swim 2 km (break them into 500s).

This week I am getting more open water experience. Wed, open water swim with Enduro sports. Fri, open water swim with coach. I am hoping either day I can at least 1 km swim in. It ain't that bad. That's about 24 min swimming.

See how my legs feel. Might put in a long run (more like a short run, an hour and a bit). Good thing when your legs are tired, you can still swim a lot.


Anonymous said...

Cliff, I may like the feel of spandex and shaved legs but I'll never admit it!!! :P I just tell people that if that ever raced cyclocross then they would not need to ask since I'm probably falling off the bike more than actually riding it:P Hurts a tad with all the bandades :)

Anonymous said...

oh...that and massages, hairy legs can ruin a massage therapist's hands, besides, if it's a cute massage therapist she might like it ;)

psbowe said...

hmmm, no comment about the spandex thing... i'm not a cyclist..yet. :)

I say your mom is very awesome, treats! Yum!

Papa Louie said...

I love to bike but I don't think I'll ever shave my legs. My wife would think I am a total nut.

E-Speed said...

LOL about your mom making you treats. Love the wetsuit pic below! I think once you become a triathlete group wetsuit pics become mandatory.

Comm's said...

Nair makes a daily skin lotion that helps keep hair growth retarded. It has the same odd smell but its very muted. I have heard that you can go several extra days if you use it daily.

Now the time ratio- is it cheaper time wise to shave every weekend or cheaper to try to apply lotion everyday and shave every two weeks or ten days.

Sarah Lukas said...

Congrats on shaving the legs! It seems to be a big step, but it's a good step. My brother finally shaved last year and he's been racing for about 8 years. As a girl, the shaven legs and spandex aren't as weird, but heading out to the races every weekend to see men like that is no problem with me. It's a must in my book.

Also, ouch on the collision! Never had that happen to me before. Take care out there

Kewl Nitrox said...

I still do not shave my legs. I did back when I was crazy about cycling in my Uni days (WAY WAY back), but the stubble really made aweful abrasions when they grew back. :D

Hey if you and the lady hit your heads, shouldn't BOTH of you be looking where you are going? Must admit I only sight every 4-8 strokes myself. Have hit a few casual swimmers - good way to make sure they change lanes. :P

Rae said...

Ha! I never thought I'd read a post from you about shaving and spandex! Maybe you can do a demo with Homer!!!!!

Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

I like men in spandex *grin*. Does that make me warped? lol.