Saturday, May 20, 2006

Keeping it short.

Very tired and have lots to summarize:

- today did a 6 hr 20 min bike ride with Darren. Burned about 4500 calories. My legs are busted. They are hurting so bad that I thought they would start cramping (i never cram before). Rode through a lot of hills. Three tough climbs. Two of them, I stopped half way b/c my wheel tire slipped. I figure out how to clip back on while on steep hills. No way I am walking up. NEVER.

Today's ride was slow. Hilly and windy. A lot reasons to give up. Then I realize race day, these are weathers I might expect. God ain't gonna give u no wind all sun weather on race day. Race director ain't gonna give u a flat road to race. Complaining about the weather and the hills are irrevlevant. Besides, just getting up everyday to train, I am grateful already. Keep moving. Steady pace.

Got home, ice bath. Good stuff. Not as bad once i got used to it. Going to sleep early tonight. Tomorrow, go for 2 hr recovery ride before Church.

- yesterday, went to get a bike fit. Fitter said bike is too big for me. The top tube is 58 cm. I need a 50 cm. Nothing he could do. His suggestion, sell this one and buy a new one. No money to do that now. Was a bit frustrated walking out. Then thought about it. I ain't aching from my ride and I can still build my base. It ain't gonna change anything.

I was feeling pretty down. Great. Another problem. How am I going to train for Ironman now. Maybe this ain't for me..blah blah blah...Then I realize I have been training for five months with this bike. Not the best situation and I would change if I could....why did my motivation change b/c someone told me this bike didn't fit me?

Get a shorter stem to help ease the problem.

Up in Canada, we have a long weekend. Monday is Victoria Day. Going to go to the beaches on Monday. Have a great one!


Donald said...

If you just rode 6 hours on it, that bike will do just fine.

Anonymous said...

But your ass must hurt! :)lol

by the way..
does anyone know how to contact ovi web development? cause the only thing they have on their site is thir logo! :(


Dr. Iron TriFeist :) said...

Exactly! You have been training for months on this bike. Keep going!

Hilda said...

It is true that there are so many detail to take on count, but I think the main is your strenght.
Forget about that and just think on what good time you have enjoy on that bike!

Habeela said...

Ooh! Beaches! Enjoy!

And don't worry about the fitter. You've got the right attitude. And with that you could cross the finish line at Ironman on skateboard! :D

qcmier said...

My bike is too big for me as well, but I tinkered enough with it to make it fit.

Rae said...

It sounds to me like your bike has been working GREAT for you! I wouldn't worry about it.

Anonymous said...

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