Friday, April 28, 2006

Blasting away.

This week is actually pretty good. In the fact that I am doing most of my training and nothing too unexpected that threw my tender plans in pieces.

I did not got the job from Wed's interview. It is ok. I am very pump up that I even got an interview. It shows that my resume and cover letter is working :D. They email me saying they like my outgoing attitude but they hire someone more qualify. I agree. I have no way I can handle the servers and so on. I can learn it but that will take some time. Despite it all, still just as hungry to find another job. There is a few more posting I see online that i have confident of landing. is going pretty good. This weekend I plan to really ramp the volume up. Here is the plan for today till Sun:

Fri - after work, ride in trainer while friend take pics of my bike position.
Sat - Swim/drills in the morning. Help friend move. Head downtown to get cheap runners, rain jacket and gel ;D. Then ride downtown for 4 hr and run 15 min after. Need to do some bricks. Head over to a friend's house party (see if i can borrow their showers).
Sun - After Church, ride for 2 hr and run for 2 hr. The run is for sure but the ride I might bail if I am too tired. If I get up early enough, I will squeeze another swim/drill set before Church.

If I am doing everything as intended, it will be a lot on the plate. I am going to make sure I get well rested on Fri and Sat. Lately, I have been getting 6-7 hr of sleep a day. I am feeling strong but the body needs time to recoperate.

This morning, I did a 25 min of hill running with 10 min warm up and 10 min cool down. My HRM died and I don't know my intensity. When I got home, I found my right pinky toe is blacked a bit. Sweet I never had that before..(that's a sign of a true runner :D).

I don't think too much nowadays. I just squeeze training where I can and just go. I wish I can check other blogs more often and do more blogging. For now, I have to train. My first race is in 7 week. It is 2 km swim, 55 km bike and 15 km run. Should be no problem. But I want to really pile on the volume and build this aerobic engine.


Born To Endure said...

I need someone to take pics of me on my bike coach needs to see my setup!! Sounds like you have a good weekend planned!

William said...

6-7 hrs? I'd die! I love getting 8+.
Good luck this weekend!

Rachel said...

you are really motivating me. i need to get on the trainer as i'm feeling better after the stomach bug but don't want to push it too much.

Mike said...

Keep it rolling Cliff. You definitely have the right attitude in the job search dept. Stay motivated there and I'm sure you'll land in the right place.
Solid training weekend there- watch those legs on Sunday after all that riding!

Kewl Nitrox said...

Does this mean we will soon see pictures of you on da bike? :)

Keep it switched on, the job offers will come.

Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

Training comes first and we're here if you need us.

Thomas said...

That's a healthy attitude regarding the interview, and another one will be just around the corner. Glad to hear the training is going ok. Good luck on the weekend.

Nic said...

Cliff, You totally crack me up. I want to be an aerobic engine, too!

Good luck finding a new job. Like I said before, it's not everything, but it's so worth it to take the time to find a job that you love. It's out there, so keep at it!

Rae said...

Good luck with all your training this weekend!! Sorry you didn't get the job but you'll find a great one, esp with your awesome attitude!

I've never gotten the black toenail yet, I've heard they're more common in guys. I also have semi-narrow feet so my toes have more room in my shoes (but I get more blisters, ugh!)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have a great plan going, stick to it and you should do great!

Chris said...

I'm sure you'll have a job in no time.

Great job on getting all your hard working training is coming around. I think you're the first person to actually be pleased with a black toe, though. :)

Sarah Lukas said...

wow- you've got a lot going on this week. It'll feel great in the long run!! I could never run as long as you have been. Whew. Maybe I should just stick to staying on the bike. But I hope your toe gets better. :-)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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