Friday, March 24, 2006


Hey guys, just going to do a quick blur about this before I head out.

What I found the most fascinating about this topic is that most ppl don't want to talk about it. I think competition is under-rated. I mean, when I mention it, most ppl think "back stabbing", "everyman for himself" that kind of competition.

To me, competition is neutral. It is how we use it. There can be good competition. For example, when I was practicing for paintball. My friend and I will stand behind a bunker and practice shooting each other. Everytime someone got hit, we stop and do a quick analysis and see if someone's elbow was sticking out or someone is not tucking in fast enough. We encourage each other and advice each other what to do and what not to do. It was great.

His skills grew tremendously and so did mine. I made sure he gave everything he got b/c I was giving everything I got. This is true especially in triathlon. That person riding in front of me, I will use him to push me to the next level (as long as I don't boink).

Of course, there are bad competition. Using illegal drugs, cheating, bribing, you know the drill. The ironic part is that we are competiting all the time. At work, we are competing with other companies. At job hunting, we compete with other resumes. I think it is a great thing. If there is no competition, things will get complacent.

Right now I am hunting for a job. And there are friends I know are hunting jobs as well. Whenever I see a job post that I think my friend is interested, I bounce it to him. Even if I am applying for that position, I will forward the posting anyway. It might sound silly, from one point of view, I am increasing competition and reducing my chance of getting a job interview. If my friend gets the job, he is better suited for that position than me. No harm done. Besides, I am confidence with my resume as well.

If I have to not help a friend and get a job, I have no joy in doing so. Besides, there are plenty of jobs out there.

This topic is a tabboo in my group of friends. I just think ppl either don't want to talk about it b/c

i) they afraid of competition


ii) they are doing the 'bad' competition.

Some ppl think is weird I do that...then again :)..I am not normal anyways.

Have a great weekend. I am out.


Mike said...
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William said...

Good post Cliff. Competition is very important and fun but stressful.

The ruler/scale/model is the part we need to be careful in choosing.

Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

I think competition is important but not so that you make the wrong choices or as you call it "bad competition". Like you I will point things out to friends even if it means they get it instead of me. Competition can be motivating if done right and in a friendly manner.

Good stuff, Cliff.

Anonymous said...

Cliff you are not only the kind of friend I would want to have but you are the kind of employee I would want working for me if I were hiring.

tri-mama said...

There is competition and there is sportsmanship-when they are confused is when problems arise. The people who place competition over sportsmanship can stay home as far as I'm concerned. Good post

Anonymous said...

I agree with your idea of competition Cliff. I think it is important to be competitive, but compassionate and looking out for others at the same time. Good luck on the job hunt.

Mike said...

Hey nice post Cliff...I agree...I always try and help / assist when I it racing or whatever. If someone is going to kick my butt, I'd rather have it be a good friend then another nameless person in my age group. Until the pass happens though, it is "on" during a race..friendly competition is a good thing!

Kewl Nitrox said...

As usual, I like your attitude, and I think you are a smart kid. If Dell doesn't make an offer, it's their loss.

(But if you do get into Dell, they have pretty big operations next door to me in Malaysia. Maybe you can come visit.) ;)

PuddyRat said...

I, too, believe competition can be healthy. It's what helps us to be better than what we already are. As you said, if we don't compete in some way, even with ourselves, we can, and often do, become complacent.

BTW, keep working on the swim thing. I was at IMC last year when they were talking about a fellow there that was making his THIRD attempt to get through the swim portion in time. I'm pleased to say the third time was a charm and not only did he make it through the swim, he finished the race. I, on the other hand, who finished the swim in plenty of time, did NOT finish the race. Hence, my 2nd attempt. I hope I don't have to do it 3 times.

Thomas said...

Every runner I know is competitive to a certain point. I don't know anyone who would cheat, but they all certainly aspire to be faster than the next person. That's good anfd healthy competition, and it's an important factor in spurring us on in training as well as racing.

psbowe said...

With that kind of post, I'd say you're pretty good about handling competition. Some people get too worked up about you said, "bad competition"

Anonymous said...

Great stuff. I'm going your alot of stress because of "bad competition" on my kids basketball team. Politics and such really stink.