Saturday, March 11, 2006

...Good O' Saturday....

If there is one day I look forward to, it is Saturday. Not b/c it is the day I don't have to work (ok, maybe partially). It is the only day I have time for my own stuff. I also enjoy Sat b/c I did not have any commitment. My friend asked me to go play volleyball with them but I declined. I left my schedule open. I spent the day clean house and just relax. It felt great.

It is also the day I do my long bike ride. Which, of course, is always exciting.

Today I rode 4 hr 1 min. The last 5 min was brutal. Overall this is how I did:

First hour, steady easy pace, cadence 90 rpm, mid 130 HR
Second hour, switch to next gear, cadence 90 rpm, mid 140 HR
Third hour, lower one gear, cadence 90 rpm, mid 130 HR
Next 40 min, switch to next gear, cadence 90 rpm, mid 150 HR (notice my HR jumped compare to second hour)
Last 21 min, lower one gear, cadence 90 rpm, mid 130 HR

Total Calories burned ~ 2400
Number of gel taken: 7 (about 700 calories)
Number of gatorade drank: 1.75 bottles
Number of water drank: 4 bottles
Washroom break: 1 (after second hour)

My back is definitly better. I could still feel it but it is getting better. All the swimming and hot tub stretching must have made it better.

I broke my break bike seat. Well not the bike seat but the part that hold the bike seat tight. I was wishing I could take the bike out. It was sunny and warm. But I guess now I can't. My HRM also died on me. So I guess it is time to get some new toys :)

I am looking for a coach in my area. So far, there are three that I felt could really help me train better.

Healthy Results - Just saw this today.
NRGPT - Started from Nigel Gray. Last year he won the IMC. I think they have a connection with Endurosport (a tri store in my area).
Bentley coaching - Steve Bentley was Lisa Bentley's ex husband. I think Tara Norton is coached by him.

If I go with Bentley Coaching, I would be coach under Steve Bentley.

If I go with NRGPT, I won't be able to afford to be coach by Nigel Gray but rather by his assistance. His assistance still have great results and lots of expereince. With NRGPT, I think they are linked with the local tri store. Meaning, I might be able to get a discount or some advantage by going with them (ie, get my bike fit).

Healthy idea..but they have a good tri training day this coming Sunday.

I even started to look at the package and see which one I can afford. After a while, I realize I should focus on what Gordon Bryn talked about. This is a big thing. And i want to make sure I have a coach that I can work with. For now, I am going to ask individual coach for a one on one session for each part of my training. One for running form, one for nutrition and one for training plan. It will take some time and some money. But at the same time I am able to pick and see which coach I can work well the most.


Rachel said...

I'm exhausted and all I did was a 10K race. I had to scrap everything else for the day. I guess I'm not quite back to 2 a day workouts yet.

Hilda said...

Great that your back is better and that you can combine other excercises instead.

William said...

I may be in Orangeville next weekend riding hills!

Glad your butt is better.

BrokeSeat Mountain Bike?

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

Make sure the HRM doesn't just need a new battery or something. My bodylink watch did the same thing, but the local watch shop fixed it for me.

Warren said...

Since were from the same area I'm interested in what coach you decide upon. You may also want to check Kevin McKinnon's website as well.

Rae said...

Great job on the long biking!!!

Saturday is my fave day too!