Saturday, February 11, 2006

And the numbers please...and some random thoughts

I manage to grab this off the crosstrainer program. If there is one thing lacking about this program, it is the lack of graphs or summary. It feels like a blackhole. You put in the data but it is not user friendly to grab them out. If you look at the two bolded numbers, you will see that as of this week I have trained 15 hours. Woohoo. This is an all time high for Cliffy here. I wish I have a beer to celebrate but Wylee drink them all :).

Here are some random thoughts that have been floating in my head today:

- I was planning to go for a swim today but tomorrow I am going snowboarding so I thought I should give my legs some rest. I will do my run drill and swim drill tomorrow morning, Church then head off to carve the mountain ( is more like a hill).
- You know you are training for an Ironman when you consider sleeping till 9 am as sleeping late. This is a very foriegn concept for any common man out there.
- Last week I bought a big jug of V8 and I thought it was healthy. I didn't realize there is so much sodium in it. 8 onze of V8 has 590 mg of Sodium. Yikes. My blood pressure is 120/88 and I am told to keep the salt down. The last thing I want is taking medication for that.
- I got one free swim session with my coach :). It turned one some lady paid for a session and can't make it. So he gave it to me. Sweet. Meeting him this Friday at 7 pm.
- talked to an AG triathlete and he told me I need to put at least 10% of my training close to LT. The rationale is so my fast twitch muscle will not fall asleep. Make sense to me.

That's about week I am dropping back my training. I may bring my camera to Blue Mountain tomorrow. But I am sure pics of me running into a tree will bore everyone here :D


William said...

Sounds good Cliff. Awesome training at 15 hours!

Have fun at the hill.

Nancy Toby said...

V8 is a great drink for transitions and special needs bags, though, since you need a big sodium boost during events!

Way to go on getting in those 15 hours! I just cracked 10 hours for the first time this year.

JGC Photography said...

Say hi to the folks at Blue. I haven't been there in a couple of years.

Trisaratops said...

15 hours--great job!!! :) I eased back into things with 9 this week...which sounds like a lot when I say it but I really feel like I didn't do too much!

We triathletes are strange breeds, aren't we? :)

Kewl Nitrox said...

15 hours?!?!?! That sorta defines an Ironman.

There are actually two sorts of people who consider sleeping to 9am very late - Ironmen/women and parents. ;) There's nothing quite like being woken up on wekkend mornings at 7am by two boys who decided to use my stomach as a jumping board.

I may "resort" to some swim coaching myself - turns out my boys' swim coach teaches adults too. Might get him to do some stroke correction for me.

Rachel said...

i like putting my training log into excel and making graphs out of them. it's kind of fun.

Sixteen Chickens said...

Do they have beer at Blue Mountain?

Fran said...

Think there is a low sodium version of V8. Can't imagine doing all you do.

Crackhead said...

The reason to spend time in training near your LT is NOT to recruit fast-twitch muscle fibers--it's to improve your muscles' ability to handle lactate buildup. The higher your LTHR is, the faster you can go without accumulating lactate and blowing up. Therefore, you are training yourself to go faster at lower HR's. When you exercise near LT, you are still aerobic, consequently, you are still making heaviest use of your slow-twitchers :)

This is the same reasoninng behind my FT (functional threshold) bike intervals. The more power I can put out (which is approximately at my LTHR) at FT, the more power I will be able to put out at lower heart rates; hence, I get faster.

But it's still all slow-twitchy :)

Now on your weekly stats: if you are going to train so much you are going to need some more sleep :) Good job on hitting 15, though--seems a little early in the year for you, but go for it!

Anonymous said...

I want to see the pics!

Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

V8 also contains 3 servings of veggies for a popcan size serving. I am on meds for highblood pressure have been for years but I have V8 now and then.

If you're looking for graphs and stuff I use an excel spreadsheet to track my workouts. Easy enough to make graphs with if you're any good at excel. Its a link on my sidebar.

Robin said...

Hey--let's see the pictures! hoepfully none of you hugging any trees! Did your friend Bart go with you?