Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Shh...don't wake up the stomach.

Nothing really new going on...i will just blurb out a few things..

Last night I was really full. I haven't been full for a while. I remember last summer I was always hungry.

Anyway, I thought I shut my stomach up once and for all by taking a protien shake before bed time (need the shake for sore musclesThis morning I woke up, stomach ain't complaining yet. Then went on the comp to do some job search, stomach starts growling. Nuts. So grabbed a clif bar and banana before I had out to the pool.

I have been slowly change my diet for the past few weeks. There is little tweaks here and there. A few things that I have change:

- eating more veges, a bowl of mix greens during the afternoon
- more chickpeas, potatoes, and broccoli (I love those mini trees)
- less rice and pasta
- instead of using milk and yogurt for my recovery protien drink, I use mango juice instead (will aim for another juice that is more healthy [less concentrated, less artificial coloring and flavour, less sugar]
- eating more nuts (cashews, almond, peanuts) for snacks instead of fruit candy
- eating more fruits, at least two bananas and three clementines daily

This is mainly the need to consume more nutrients and minerals. I can say that I am feeling as great as before. A diet takes a while to see the end results. So I will give this a go and see how I am for the next few months. This is in relation to the Paleo Diet book i have been reading (review later...i haev a book comment on that).

I notice an hour of sleep makes a lot of difference. Will start to go to bed a bit earlier. That and the more natural diet, I believe I am now experiencing faster recovery for the past few days.

Abnormal liver number
The blood result on last monday, the transplant co-ordinator told me my numbers are high. They suspect it might be a gallstone. They are booking me to for an ultrasound. Haven't had one of those for a long time. I just just went for another blood test this Monday. Last time the same thing occur in Oct. Numbers went up and it went back down. Could it be possible of my diet?...

In my mind, I was thinking...NOO....gallstone = can't train...Then a friend helped me put things into perspective. She said "at least u don't have cancer again"..exactly.

I swim today. Did 1,2,3,4,4,3,2,1. Pyramid. 1 min rest. Will is telling me to swim long. I am longing to go. So this weekend will be the time to go...1 km. Seems so far away. Just go. No Limit training continues.


Sixteen Chickens said...

Take care of yourself and get the ultrasound. My liver actually shut down and I went into a jaundiced state from a gallbladder attack, you don't want that to happen! Especially because of the cancer history. Please tell us when you schedule the ultrasound!

psbowe said...

Nice diet plan, I need do something like that too.
Gosh, not really sure what to say but better get yourself checked out and take care of it.

William said...

Looking good Cliff. Go long man!

Thomas said...

Cliff, the answer for the question you asked at my blog is:

I always run on (quiet) roads, and so far they have never been icy, not even on a cold day like today, so I don't have any need for things like yak traks or (ugh) cleats.

I usually wear shorts and t-shirt, and if it's very rainy or very windy, a jacket on top (though I usually get too hot if I do so). If it's very cold (say, less than -5C/23F), I'll wear pants rather than shorts and long sleeves rather than a short-sleeved t-shirt, but that is rare in Ireland.

TriZilla said...

Wow, I hope everything goes well with the tests, Cliff!

Your diet looks great, but what's wrong with milk and yogurt? Just curious... :)

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

Good luck on getting your levels sorted out. Do you take milk thistle or anything like that? It's supposed to help with that sort of thing, but I don't know if it's contra-indicted in transplant patients. Just a thought.

Chris said...

I'm definitely interesting in hearing how you like that book. I only know about as much as Gordo has posted on his website and in his book. I'm interested in learning more about it at a deeper level, though. Let us know if you think it's a worthy read!

Anonymous said...

Begginer tri Blog or eblog...any ideas.

D said...

I will bet that you are one of those lucky ones that can eat a lot and not gain weight.

I hope everything turns out ok.

Rachel said...

hope you feel better! I like eating little and often too. Good luck with the long swim! I'm looking forward to trying some long ocean swims soon. I need a wetsuit though. The Pacific is cold.

Rae said...

Good luck with the long swim and the gallstone! Congrats on changing your diet around, too. When will u know something about the gall?